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Obesity Many Experienced New Bride

Marriage not only brings happiness but also obesity. Nutritionistssay that weight gain is often experienced by married couples,especially in the first five years of their marriage.

In England, the newly married women on average gained weightto 9.5 pounds in the first year. While in the United Statesaccording to the study, a woman would have added weight to 4pounds in the first five years than women who are single.

Dr.Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist, said the chemical changes in the brains affect the oiliness of the newlyweds. Inbrain scans did note that this new experience with your partner to the brains release hormones to make happy.

“This new and experienced newlyweds triggers the dopaminesystem in the brains and makes the body more energy, so we are more active,” he said.

However, comfortable feeling that the bride of the impact of these new expenditures or the love hormone oxytocin will associatedwith feelings of connectedness. Because this hormoneincreases, the hormone dopamine were displaced. Whereas ahigh hormone dopamine, anyone who diligently moving.

In addition to hormonal factors, other factors that rapid weight gain to a strict diet that performed the wedding. According tonutritionists on a strict diet like this will only slow down your metabolism, so when the diet back to normal weight rapidly.

Then after the marriage, most women follow their husbands diet.This is partly because the newly married couple often spend thetime to eat together. Besides his wife also generally diligentcooking for her partner.

Still newlyweds enjoy their time both to practice or follow theactivity of a hobby that physical activity.

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