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Omega-3 and Omega-6 should be balanced

Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 were found to have related functions. Both work together to maintain healthy skin, nails, hair, hormones, relieve asthma symptoms and prevent cell damage in people with cancer.

“All these positive benefits can be obtained, if the proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and 6 balanced. The proportion of so-called balanced, experts are still different opinions. Some say that 2.5 to 1, the rate of 2.5 omega-6 and 1, omega-3 fatty acids. We must also say 4 to 1, “said Emma Wirakusumah, M. Sc, a nutritionist at the IPB.

Although intended to be complementary, in fact, omega-3 and omega-6 are also competing. Omega-6 is the suspected cause of inflation, while the omega-3 is believed to prevent inflation. So the victory is in “hands” omega-3, we have to multiply consumption. On the other hand, omega-3 can only be obtained from sources outside the body, such as:

1. Green
For example, beans and potatoes. Omega-3 in plant form is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In the body, ALA is converted to EPA and DHA.

2. Organic meat
Cows that eat grass to produce meat, milk and cheese are rich in omega-3 compared to the food supply cattle or grow corn. Similarly, chickens fed the vegetable mixture.

3. Fish
If we are eating a low omega-6, the consumption of two servings of fish a week is enough. But if our diet high in omega-6 fatty acids we eat more than 2 servings of fish and vegetables is increasing.

Meanwhile, there are several steps to reduce the omega-6
1. Replace normal cereals containing flaxseed.
2. Avoid junk food as it is usually high in omega-6 fatty acids
3. Select chips fries in canola oil instead of normal cooking oil.
4. Avoid margarine.
5. Eating nuts
6. Make it a habit to check labels before buying food packaging. Avoid hydrogenated oil content (oil that is processed with high pressure hydrogen)
7. It recommends the consumption of marine fish farming rather than freshwater fish. In general, fish fed with corn or soybeans processed water.

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