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Once Again, Beware of Mercury in Cosmetics

Be careful in choosing cosmetics products, especially facial lightning. Some products may be toxic because they contain mercury which is harmful to the brain, kidneys and liver.

Products containing hazardous materials is not only in developing countries alone in the United States are quite strict regulations were harmful products, outstanding, especially for skin lightening and anti aging products to remove stains and wrinkles.

According Dr.Linda Katz, director of the Food and Drug Administration of cosmetics and colors, mercury is banned chemicals used in cosmetics or medicines, except under special conditions.

Mercury is a heavy metal that can have serious health consequences. In even smallconcentrations of these substances are toxic. ”These substances can damage the kidneys and nervous system, and interfere with brain development in fetuses and children,” said Dr. Charles Lee, medical advisor to the FDA.

He added, however we do not use products that contain mercury, but the chemicals that can breathe or come into the pores of the skin when it touches the skin of someone who has a few products that contain mercury.

Avoid cosmetic products containing ingredients such as ”chloride of mercury,calomel, mercury, mercury, or mercury.” Other products to be avoided is that containretinoic acid and rhodamine dye.

The use of retinoic acid can cause dry skin, burning, and defects in the fetus. Thered dye rhodamine B, which is generally used for paper or textile dyes can cause cancer and liver damage

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