Only 20 Minutes to Maintain Her Fitness Career

In an era of increasingly sophisticated and dealt with this women, especially career women, I have little time to maintain fitness and health. If you are one of the women’s super busy this?

There are simple solutions that you can do, ie a small change in lifestyle for fitness and health makes you stay awake in the middle.20 minutes is a short time, but if used correctly can make your body healthier. Here’s a guide:

20 minutes of weight training
Weight training is essential for physical fitness for the aging and increases metabolism slower. You can take your time just 20 minutes a day to conduct exercises with body weight or a dumbbell in your home. Perform this exercise at least 3 times a week.
20 minutes of cardio
It consumes very busy time? Do not worry, get in shape with cardio exercise for 20 minutes every day. Light exercise such as walking or bicycling is an easy thing to do. Even today in some cities are aggressive campaign to “Bike to Work.” When at work, rest periods sisihkankah for 20 minutes to stretch, walk around the office, or if the office of your deck by the stairs and try to reduce the use of elevators. Make sure you drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

20 minutes on low fat foods
instant foods or fast food in containers usually contain lots of calories and fat. It would be better if you can cook healthy recipes to meet their nutritional needs. Many simple healthy recipes that only need a little time to cook.

20 minutes motivation
Many people leave a healthy lifestyle and exercise due to lack of motivation. Try to read and hear stories of successful people you admire, or even the people closest to you. Your mentality is the perception of the world, so the motivation is right for you more excited.

20 minutes breathing Sport
Breathing exercises for 15 minutes every day can help lower blood pressure. Perform relaxation techniques like breathing, muscle relaxation, meditation and yoga to help reduce stress.

Well, now you see 20 minutes of 24 hours a day to stay fit. Enjoy a healthy and beneficial.


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