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Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic meditation has been reaching milestones in its popularity in recent times, with more and more females interested in the many benefits of its practice. Sex is not only a normal activity for healthy individuals, it also contains numerous benefits for the mind and body. In orgasmic meditation, or OM, the practice involves a blend of Eastern philosophy and mindfulness, helping to enhance the overall sexual experience. Although mostly geared toward producing desirable effects in females, this practice can also expand the experience in both male and female partners. According to contemporary research, a healthy and fulfilling sexual experience can boost levels of endorphins within the brain, reduce stress and anxiety, and may even provide an increase in metabolic rate due to the practice’s activity.

When learning the practice of orgasmic meditation, such as with the OM research and teaching facility OneTaste, patterns learn how to enjoy the sexual experience through a number of different techniques. The deliberate stimulation of the clitoris is perhaps the most widely taught and used technique to enhance the practice, yet both partners can be stimulated through a number of other techniques. Through the use of mindfulness and slow movement, practitioners are often taught how to enjoy the experience and become fully present in their physical, mental, and emotional state. The OM practice also centers around finding a specific way to extend the peak of orgasm, not only for the women, but for men, too. Many partners have different ways of doing this, as every sexual partner often has different preferences when it comes to enhancing their arousal.

The stimulation of the genitals, usually for the female, is often accomplished through a slow 15 minute stroke of gloved fingers. If the mind drifts during this session, the partners are encouraged to bring their awareness back to the moment. Through slow movement of the body, such as the movement experienced in yoga, both the mind and body are engaged in the activity. This practice differs from strict masturbation, as a partner must be involved in the activity. Some practitioners also feel that a slow and gentle movement can enhance the overall experience of the orgasm, helping to increase sensation through awareness and mindfulness, rather than through increased speed or pressure. Recently, this mindfulness practice has been receiving an abundance of positive press, mostly focusing on anecdotal evidence from a variety of practicing partners throughout the world.

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