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Primary Branches Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is always a goal. All involved in the arrest, prosecution, defense or judgment of a suspect aim to be fair. A criminal justice system is a sets of legal and social institutions for enforcing the criminal law in accordance with a defined set of procedural rules and limitations. However, the goal is not always met, accounting for the flexibility in the application of laws, the changes to laws that are unfair, and the judiciary power of interpretation. There are 3 primary branches of criminal justice, such as policing, investigation, and law enforcement. Visit for more information. The law enforcement sector of the criminal justice system includes the police force that investigates crimes or the possibilities of wrong doing, and makes arrests. They are tasked with keeping the peace, maintaining social order and enforcing criminal laws. While, the corrections branch includes jails, prisons, probation and parole. It administers and enforces the punishment against those found guilty in court. With many cases found, criminal justice is the wisest solution for the people who make the criminality. The prison time usually given to them suited with the levels of their criminality. Well, the most important part all of them are, everybody has the chance for being protected, feel safe and get the wisdom, and criminal justice is the right solution.


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