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Repellent potency Olive Leaf Extract Obesity

Who does not know the properties of olive oil for health, but may be a few people know that the leaf extract of this plant is also effective.Some literur mentioned that olive leaf blower works as a medicine,hypertension, and fighting various fungi, bacteria and viruses.
Australian researchers recently discovered that a cup of teaenriched with olive leaf extract could be a new tool to combat overweight.
Dr Lindsay Brown, as leader of the research from the University of Southern Queensland suggests, contain large amounts ofoleuropein phytochemicals in olive leaf extract can reduce fat. Yet this new test in mice.
According to him oleuropein antioxidant content of more than twiceas green tea and is believed very powerful lower blood pressure, prevent and treat flu cardiovascular problems.
In the study, mice fed a high-fat, high in carbohydrates for eight weeks until they show signs of metabolic syndrome (eg abdominal fat and glucose intolerance). After the rats were then given a coffeeenriched with olive leaf extract for eight weeks and the results showed the opposite phenomenon.
Dr. Brown says, olive leaf extract causes weight loss due to the content of the anti-inflammatory compounds. ”What we found was that the rats fed olive leaves a healthy look. Adverse effects offoods high in fat and high in carbohydrates can cause inflammation of the heart do not look,” he explained.
According to Brown, this research suggests that olive leaf extractnaturally effective way to lose weight and be an easy way toobesity, blood pressure control and prevention of diabetes.

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