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Security Given Ear Candle Therapy

The accumulation of excess dirt in the ear can cause hearing loss.That is why the ear should be cleaned regularly. Currently, many clinics that offer care for cleaning the ears by using ear candles.

“Sails” used in this therapy is a special candle is about 20 cm made of wasp nest covered clothes, paraffin, or a combination of both. Candles are usually also contains chamomile and sage who will give the effect of relaxation.

The candles will be working to soften the hardened dirt, stimulate and lift the dirt. Besides cleaning the ears, some manufacturers claim that this therapy can also try sailing sinus infections, headaches, recurring colds, and hearing loss because it contains a natural antibiotic.

“Some also claim to be able to clean the blood, muscle strength, even prevent cancer. But that has not been proven,” said Eric Mann, deputy clinical director of the division of the FDA Ophthalmic, nerves, and equipment ENT.

Although very popular in many countries, but the FDA says that the auditory candle is not very safe because it can cause serious injury, even if the treatment is done according to instructions. ”The FDA also said scientifically no medical benefit from this therapy,” said Mann.

Mann further explained the dangers of this therapy that includes candle burning in the face, the eardrum to the inner ear. The melted wax is also harmful to the ear, even at the risk of bleeding.

In recent years, the FDA has received reports of injuries of this therapy candle, and her ear drum to rupture the eardrum that causes sufferers to have surgery.

2010, the FDA also issued warning letters to three large candles ear procedures. Previously, the FDA and Health Canada regulators also have stepped up surveillance of the distribution of these products in both countries.

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