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“Sex Detox” period may not be so familiar. However, these two words can be interpreted simply, namely, to stop sexual activity for a certain period to improve the quality of your sex life.

There is a known sex therapist, Ian Kerner, who coined the term in his book, Sex Detox wrong. According to him, to achieve a complete satisfaction, sometimes you forget for a moment of sexual activity. Post sex can be made up to 30 days. These efforts can help restore relations of each pair and restore sexual desire, which was extinguished.

Why “Sex Detox”?
Sometimes you have to forget about sex for a while to understand the problems that can haunt and disturb your harmony. If you have sex simply fill out the commitment of pseudo orgasm, or decreased arousal, because they are not interested, detox can help you solve problems and explore what happens to you.

How do I do?
Every day for 30 days “quick”, you have to do different activities, reading, study or reflection of many things that affect your sex life.You can see photos of family memories, to see how these effects play an important role in childhood or you can also check your overall health. Ideally, detox husbands and wives, but you can also do it yourself. Sometimes, when the positive effect of detox, your partner will follow.

What are the advantages of “Sex Detox”?
You will get a broader understanding and knowledge of what happened in their sexual lives and how they affect your relationships, and vice versa. The feeling that you’ll feel more connected and ready to communicate with your partner. Even if you could not resist the urge to over 30 full days, the violation may make it more hot sex, and the results will not be so bad.

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