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Sex Can Cure, Can be Deadly

Establishment of a special relationship between man and woman may occur for two reasons behind it, ie, sex and love. Sex is a double edged sword is sharp and seductive. On the one hand, as an instrument of extraordinary powerful healer, but it could become unbearable and deadly when used with arbitrary purposes.

According to the author of books on health, Lianny Hendrata, sex is sacred, as it not only brings two genitals, but also unites body, mind and soul. ”Sex and love are two different things. However, these two can unite a sacred thing, if an internal unit of husband and wife. If only one that hopes to give sex to get love, others have sex, but not necessarily want to give your true love, “said Lianny, quoted in the book of essays entitled The power of sex.

Lianny reveal the intimate relationship that is based on a marriage (sacred) can provide many health benefits from your spouse. With sex, you can solve the problems of stress from the muscles to become relaxed simulated body and the mind calm.
In fact, Lianny continued activity, body movements during sex can burn calories a lot to be able to maintain body weight. According to him, many studies have shown that safe sex is with a feeling of happiness that provide mental health benefits.
Because sex is not just a physical activity that is made negligently or with anyone willing. ”However, doing sexual acts as a form of unification of internal energy with your partner, and convert that energy as a source of strength which is renewed every cell in our body,” he said in a new book that launched it.

Lianny also provides an illustration of how sex is also a force that can actually damage and destroy a person, if done with care. For example, in the case of couples who are dating.
According to him, someone who truly loves his partner is not being asked to perform a “relationship” that has nothing to do.
“If you ask a bride as a symbol of their love for sex if you will? Now, if we love our girlfriends, not only will it ruin our honor. So if you are confused between sex and love, which means that the love is still in lust, “said Lianny book launch for some time.
In young children who are not married, sex can become a force to destroy life, if done carefully. ”Today many people are home at the time of the love of concupiscence. So it was not true love,” he said.
Lianny explained how sex is no longer something sacred among adolescents, especially abroad. No wonder if the phenomenon of premarital sex cause a range of negative impacts, most notably the murder, abortion and suicide.

In a study of 4,000 young people conducted by researchers at the University of length, in the United States and published the Journal of Marriage and the Family is known that on average had sex before marriage. ”The sacredness of the sexual act is not there. Therefore, it is considered normal,” he said.

As in Indonesia, Lianny view that sex is considered a social gathering. Therefore, a lie to say that sexual problems in Indonesia is still considered taboo. ”Because the background was very unusual,” he said.

Lianny hope the information transmitted through the book The power of sex can give you an idea, especially young people that sex is sacred and should not be done randomly.


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