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Simple Stretches While Working

Sitting position for a long time can definitely cause pain. However, when circumstances do not allow a bit of a stretch drive, there is nothing wrong if the stretch is done while sitting at your desk.

Squatting before sitting down. Sitting for hours can lead to weight gain. Study finds obese than the average person sitting around 2.5 hours per day than thin people. Sitting too long may also lead to certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer.
To avoid this, do squats before sitting down.Standing about 2.5 cm in front of his chair, then hold your abdomen. Take a squat, as if going to be sitting position, but you just touch the back of the chair, and then one step back.
“Do this for 1 minute each day will burn about 50 calories for 1 week of work,” says Shirley Archer, a personal trainer and author of Exercises for the work week.

Stretch waist while typing. When you are on the table, often bending the legs and make the tendons of the nerves of the hip becomes shorter. This makes the hips become stiff and sore back. To avoid this, try doing a little stretching. While we were sitting, bend your knees and put your feet on the ground. Lift the right leg and left thigh tumpangkan above, so below the body to form the number 4. The waste of breath, leaning back, and straighten the back. Hold your breath as much as 3 times, then switch the other leg. This can be done three times during their work or perform the activity in front of the computer.

Stretch your toes. When working, they often use high-heeled shoes. It is no secret, if high heels can cause knee problems and ankle injuries. To do this, try to make some steps to tighten the muscles of the leg after wearing high heels. In a sitting position, stretch your legs until your knees are straight.Imagine your big toe is a pencil, then use your fingers to do the movements that make a wide range of the alphabet. Do the same on the other foot as much as 3-5 times per day.

Taking a position as to reach the roof. It often feels pain between the shoulder blades, after some time bent over the keyboard. In this position, the body is actually trying to say that the situation is bad for you, you just ignore it. Try to lift both arms and arch your back forward. Then pull down and stretch your arms forward. Repeat this every 20 minutes.

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