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Sleep Dangers Overstated

We know it’s hard to sleep or commonly known as insomnia are not good for health. Similarly with the “enemy”, ie, sleeping too much (excessive sleeping) or hypersomnia, is just as harmful to the body.

Although sleep is an activity that must be met to help the process of rejuvenation of the body, if done excessively, will give a negative impact on health. Experts also recommend against sleeping more than nine hours per night.

What are the possible causes of oversleeping or hypersomnia?

Sleep apnea, the type of sleep disorder in which people stop breathing for a moment in which to sleep and can lead to increased need for sleep as it makes the normal sleep cycle interrupted. The patient feels tired and weak, even after sleeping for 10 hours. Breathing problems began to occur because the wall of the throat tend to stop the movement, while the individual is in a state of relaxation (sleep). Consequently, the air flow inside the body stops and the individual is immediately awakened to breathe.

Narcolepsy, neurological problems that cause excessive sleep.Narcolepsy affects parts of the brain that controls and regulates sleep. Patients (narcolepsy) failed to identify and distinguish sleep time with time to stay awake. Sufferers can fall asleep anywhere at any time.

Stress and depression. These two things should be avoided because it can cause many mental disorders, mental and, not least sleep too much.

Fatigue. Exhaustion caused by overwork, sleep disorders, pregnancy, or lack of sleep is a major cause of oversleeping.When feeling tired, you tend to want to sleep longer, and more than nine hours, to try to cool off.

What are the health effects of oversleeping?

Diabetes. Research shows people who slept more than nine hours a night and a 50 percent greater risk of developing diabetes than those who slept seven hours a night. The study also found that oversleeping could indicate a medical disorder that increases the chance of side effects of diabetes.

Obesity. Research shows that those who slept 90-10 hours each night for 21 percent more likely to be obese than those who only sleep for 7-8 hours.

heart disease. One study showed that women who slept for 9-11 hours each night and 38 percent more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

Headache. The researchers believe, the headache can be a side effect of oversleeping. Those who sleep too long during the day are often problems when you go to sleep at night, causing the onset of a headache the next day.

Backache. How are you in bed for hours, there is often no back pain. People who suffer from back pain or are subject to back pain were advised doctors to remain active, are often unavailable, or lie down.

Death. Several studies have found that people who sleep nine hours or more each night have higher mortality rates than those who slept seven to eight hours per night. The researchers speculate, depression and low socioeconomic status (also associated with sleep longer) may be associated with increased mortality (death).

What treatment options to deal with sleeping too much?
A long sleep are not usually require treatment unless the symptoms indicate a more serious disorder. In these cases, the cause must be known in advance. The biggest problem that the old habits of sleep is to adjust the daily schedule to go to sleep. If it does not meet the required amount of sleep, which usually feel upset and have exhausted the next day. They also face problems in social relationships.

Tips for overcoming sleep too:

• Select an alarm tone or the right sound. Choose the right voice is important to return to reality, even from your deep sleep.

Do not be tempted to light sleep or snooze after you wake up.Do not use the snooze button on the alarm because the alarm only ruin your program.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule. Make a habit that makes your body rest and come back regularly to be ready to go the next day. Plan program activities until the end of the term only when you’re free the next day.

Consult your doctor. See your doctor if you experience symptoms of chronic oversleeping. It ‘important to know the symptoms or diseases that make you sleep too much experience.

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