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“Sleepy Baby” Must be Watched

In the first months of life, a baby are more likely to fall asleep than awake. No wonder when the term often appears sleepy baby. Events like this really is a common and normal. However, mothers are also advised to keep to the schedule for monitoring food intake for infants, which in this case is milk (breast milk).

“More sleep low, it is actually normal. But if not controlled, it can interfere with the activities of breastfeeding,” said the president of the Nursing Mothers’ Association of Indonesia (President AIMI) Mia Susanto under the opening of the kind of love of a mother in Kemang Medical Care RSIA Jataka Wednesday (05/11/2011).

Mia, centered on the first month of life, a baby should breastfeed at least eight times a day. Maximum can reach 10 or 12 times. “So we know, no adequate milk consumption. Although many baby sleep is still drinking a lot,” he said.

But sometimes the most difficult for the baby’s sleep is at the root.

Mia said, after the baby is not traumatize him or using techniques that are really painful. “For example her feet disentil-sentil. I do not like it,” he said.

Moreover, Mia said, “massage, massage, opened his shirt, wipes washed with hot water. Therefore, there are ways,” he said.

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