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Sport 15 Minutes Extend Age 3 Years

One more found the benefits of exercise for health. A study in Taiwan has recently argued, with the exercise for 15 minutes every day you can prolong the life 3 (three) years to be longer.

According to the researchers, as long as the majority of people based on the guidelines which says sport must be done 30 minutes a day five days a week. In fact, applying a lower dose of exercise, further motivate someone to want to exercise.

Chi Pang Wen, National Taiwan leading the study of Health Research Institute said, dedicating 15 minutes a day of exercise regularly, such as brisk walking will benefit anyone.

“And ‘for men, women, smokers, young and old, healthy and unhealthy. This advice can be given by doctors to patients, without having to see if she was a woman or a man,” he said.

Wen and colleagues, who published his findings in the medical journal The Lancet, involved 416,000 volunteers were observed for 13 years. During the study, medical records and reports of physical activity level the volunteers were analyzed.

After taking into account differences in age, weight, sex and various indicators related to health, the researchers found that with only 15 minutes of exercise per day can increase the life expectancy of someone three years older than not actively berlolahraga.

Daily exercise routine is also associated with a lower risk of cancer incidence and reduce the risk of cancer related deaths.”Sooner or later, you die. But compared with the active group (physical activity), who rarely exercise group had a risk of death from cancer by 10 per cent higher,” said Wen.

Wen said that the results are consistent with previous studies in similar cases that involved volunteers from the Caucasus.However, he claimed his team as the inventor of the first to suggest a link the benefits of exercise in a minimum though.

“No other research will be concluded. We are the first to say that exercise for 15 minutes is quite beneficial,” he said.

“We hope that this research will make people who are lazy to exercise became more interested in exercise. They can give 15 minutes a day, instead of 30 minutes, which is certainly more difficult,” he concluded.

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