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Suggested Mother Baby Sleep Together

Newborns should be in the side of his mother for 24 hours,although it is possible to have a bed with her ​​mother.

Close contact between mother and child in the first few hours of his life to improve not only the success of breastfeeding, but alsoan impact on infant psychology.

The study, published in Biological Pscyhiatry shows a two-day-old baby who sleeps with his mother showed signs of psychological stress.

Compared with children who have close contact with the mother,the babies are separated with third increased activity of the nervous system, including increased heart rate and breathing.Besides the study results also showed less REM sleep (deep sleep and deep).

Drop in body temperature that occurs in children who do not sleep with his mother that a change in sleeping it. The researchers explain that the fault is in the early life of the babycould have an impact on future development.

In Indonesia, especially in Greater Jakarta are now widelymaternity hospital that rooming facility (rooming in) for mothers and newborns. If the baby is in good health and no medicalintervention is required, this facility greatly help the success of breastfeeding ekskulisif.

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