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Eating Apples Every Day Powerful Prevent Stroke

Never underestimate an apple. In addition to sweet, apples are also high in vitamins, minerals and other elements such as phytochemicals, fiber, tannins, Baron, acid calculus, and others that is essential for the body to prevent and fight various diseases.
Believe it or not, eating an apple or pear a day reduces the risk of stroke by 50 percent. Nutrition experts believe, contain quercetin compounds in both examples the fruit plays an important role in the fight against stroke.
The researchers said that the chemistry is capable of reducing inflammation, which is associated with hardening of blood vessels in cardiovascular disease.

Apples, Fruit Most Polluted Pesticides

Apple ranks first as the most contaminated pesticide products in a report the Environmental Working Group, U.S. defense group of public health.

The report is the seventh analysis of government data on 53 fruits and vegetables to find the highest pesticide crop after being washed. For products that were most contaminated, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommends choosing organic.

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Shape Your Body Pears or Apples?

Knowing the type of body shape not only allows us to choose the type of body building exercise that right, but also helps us identifythe type of fat that hides in the body. How I can define the shape ofthe body right?

To find out, measure two things, namely waist circumference andhip circumference. Waist circumference is between the belly andlower chest (the smallest circumference of your body). While thehip is at the widest point of your body.
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