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Never underestimate an apple. In addition to sweet, apples are also high in vitamins, minerals and other elements such as phytochemicals, fiber, tannins, Baron, acid calculus, and others that is essential for the body to prevent and fight various diseases.
Believe it or not, eating an apple or pear a day reduces the risk of stroke by 50 percent. Nutrition experts believe, contain quercetin compounds in both examples the fruit plays an important role in the fight against stroke.
The researchers said that the chemistry is capable of reducing inflammation, which is associated with hardening of blood vessels in cardiovascular disease.
Researchers at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, involving about 20,000 adults. They found that volunteers who ate more fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of white fleshy suffering a stroke more than 10 years. They take into account the risk of stroke decreased nine percent of each consume 25 grams of apples or pears a day.
Since the average size of an apple or a pear weigh between 100 grams and 125 grams, which means, in a day will reduce the risk of stroke between 36-45 percent.
“. Eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables are white can be useful in preventing strokes, for example, eat an apple a day is an easy way to increase your consumption of white fruits and vegetables, “said Linda Oude Griep, lead author of the study, who published his research in stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.
“However, the group of colorful fruits and other vegetables might be protecting you against other chronic diseases. Therefore, it is always important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, “he added
Researchers reveal the existence of quercetin compound (AVC fighting), not only in apples and pears, but also raspberries, tomatoes, red grapes, broccoli and onions.
Meanwhile, Dr. Sharlin Ahmed of The Stroke Association said the main message of the results show that fruits and vegetables are good foods to reduce the risk of stroke, regardless of color.
“It’s interesting to see these results that the white fleshy fruit and vegetables like apples and pears, can reduce the risk of stroke.However, this should not deter people from continuing to eat fruits and vegetables with other colors. For all types of fruits and vegetables has health benefits and is a vital part of a balanced diet, “he said.
“Everyone can reduce the risk of stroke with a healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fat and salt, exercise regularly and make sure that your blood pressure within normal limits,” he said.

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Apples, Fruit Most Polluted Pesticides /apples-fruit-most-polluted-pesticides.html /apples-fruit-most-polluted-pesticides.html#comments Tue, 21 Jun 2011 12:02:14 +0000 qhiqy /?p=485

Apple ranks first as the most contaminated pesticide products in a report the Environmental Working Group, U.S. defense group of public health.

The report is the seventh analysis of government data on 53 fruits and vegetables to find the highest pesticide crop after being washed. For products that were most contaminated, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) recommends choosing organic.

Apples to three rows from last year, replacing the previous celery ranks first and is now in the second. Almost 92 percent of the block contains two or more pesticides.

“Maybe Apple are pesticides and pesticides, fungi more for these fruits can be kept much longer,” said EWG analyst Sonya Lunder.”Pesticides can be in small amounts, but do not yet know if long-term effects,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the strawberries in the number 3 and imported wines in the seventh. On the other hand, the onions in the produce of the more “clean” with the minimum amount of pesticides.

Agricultural products are included in the list of the 12 most polluted is the apple, celery, strawberries, peaches (peaches), spinach, nectarines (U.S. local fruit), wine, pepper, potatoes , blueberries, lettuce and kale.

This ranking shows the amount of chemicals in food. Most of the food products studied have been washed and peeled before.Wash fruits and vegetables by washing the product was not powerful enough to eliminate chemical pesticides, since it is absorbed by plants and is under the skin of the fruit.

Eat five fruits and vegetables from contaminated group average exposure to 14 types of pesticides.

For those who can not afford to buy organic, Ken Cook, president of EWG, suggests that the choice of other fruit as an alternative.”You can not buy organic apples, picking pineapples, avocados or mangos. The fruit is the best score of the slightest contamination of the fruit,” he said.

Fruits are classified as clean-containing pesticides is less than 10 percent. Plants belonging to this group include asparagus, corn and onion.
Here is the order of 15 pieces of network groups in the order, ie, onions, corn, pineapple, avocado, asparagus, peas, mango, eggplant, melon, kiwi, cabbage, potatoes, watermelon, sweet grapefruit, and fungi.

Exposure to pesticides in food diasup known to be toxic to the nervous system, cause cancer, disrupt the hormone system and cause brain disorders in children. Pregnant women are advised to avoid foods that are contaminated with pesticides.

The research team from the Harvard School of Public Health show that children exposed to pesticides had an increased risk of hyperactivity (ADHD).

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Shape Your Body Pears or Apples? /shape-your-body-pears-or-apples.html /shape-your-body-pears-or-apples.html#comments Thu, 05 May 2011 16:11:05 +0000 qhiqy /?p=334
Knowing the type of body shape not only allows us to choose the type of body building exercise that right, but also helps us identifythe type of fat that hides in the body. How I can define the shape ofthe body right?

To find out, measure two things, namely waist circumference andhip circumference. Waist circumference is between the belly andlower chest (the smallest circumference of your body). While thehip is at the widest point of your body.

After knowing the size, it’s time to calculate the waist to hip ratio (WHR) and waist circumference divided by hip formula. If the resultis less than 1 means that your body is pear-shaped, while if yourRHO 1 or more, then the body blocks.

In addition to adopting a formula which, by naked eyes, we canclassify our bodies with the following signs:
Pears: Marked with the bottom of a larger body than the top. The physical characteristics, hips wider than shoulders, because we are fat distribution in the pelvic region.

Apples: The owner of this body has a top that is wider than thelower body. That’s why from the chest to the stomach bigger in sizeof the pelvis. That’s why when the weight gain the most visible bodyfat accumulation is part of the body.

People with apple body shape should be more careful because they are more at risk of developing the disease, especially thoserelated to the heart.

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Eat an apple every day and the doctor went. That’s the old advice that has been around for 150 years and remains relevant today.

A recent study in the United States to reveal the truth of this advice.Studies show that apples may help reduce bad cholesterol and help you lose weight.

In a yearlong study of 160 postmenopausal women who regularly eat apples, is that their bodies healthier. Respondents were divided into two groups, namely eating fresh apples and eating apples that have been dried.

After eating fresh apples regularly for 6 months, levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), which fell to 23 percent. At the same time, the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) increased by 4 percent.

Meanwhile, women in the group eating the apple dry mengasup about 75 grams per day, low weight, on average. levels of C-reactive protein (markers of inflammation in the body) and a risk marker for heart disease also fell.

Scientists at Florida State University, explains, apples contain pectin, which increases the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Apples are also rich in polyphenols that inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules.

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