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Suggested Mother Baby Sleep Together /suggested-mother-baby-sleep-together.html /suggested-mother-baby-sleep-together.html#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 13:57:28 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1214

Newborns should be in the side of his mother for 24 hours,although it is possible to have a bed with her ​​mother.

Close contact between mother and child in the first few hours of his life to improve not only the success of breastfeeding, but alsoan impact on infant psychology.

The study, published in Biological Pscyhiatry shows a two-day-old baby who sleeps with his mother showed signs of psychological stress.

Compared with children who have close contact with the mother,the babies are separated with third increased activity of the nervous system, including increased heart rate and breathing.Besides the study results also showed less REM sleep (deep sleep and deep).

Drop in body temperature that occurs in children who do not sleep with his mother that a change in sleeping it. The researchers explain that the fault is in the early life of the babycould have an impact on future development.

In Indonesia, especially in Greater Jakarta are now widelymaternity hospital that rooming facility (rooming in) for mothers and newborns. If the baby is in good health and no medicalintervention is required, this facility greatly help the success of breastfeeding ekskulisif.

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This is the Baby Premature and the World’s Smallest /this-is-the-baby-premature-and-the-worlds-smallest.html /this-is-the-baby-premature-and-the-worlds-smallest.html#comments Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:45:30 +0000 qhiqy /?p=863
Baby boy broke records of most premature babies born in the world. Tom Thum, a nickname given by nurses in German hospitals care for this tiny baby, born prematurely at 25 weeks of gestation.

So tiny, so the altimeter seems so big for him. Tom Thum weighing just 9 ounces or 275 grams. The length from head to feet the size of a sheet of A4 paper.

However, precisely because of its small size are the doctors believe that most premature babies in the world managed to survive and survive.

Record previously held by the premature baby Tyler Martin, who was born in New Jersey, USA, in 2004, weighing 320 grams.

Meanwhile, for premature infants of women who live weight is 244 grams. Doctors generally believe that infants weighing less than 350 grams will not be able to survive.

Birth of Tom Thum by the Section of Medicine, University Caeserean Goettingen in Germany in June 2009.

After the doctor decided Tom Thum strong enough to be treated at home of his parents this week, the hospitals announced their success to Tom Thum alive.

“After reviewing all official documents and medical science, we can say with certainty that Tom Thum is the smallest in the world of premature babies who survive, last year,” said Stefan Weller, spokesman for the university.

Only three children had been registered as the smallest premature born in an emergency room of hospitals, all of whom are women.

Again in December 2009, published after the baby is otherwise in good condition and able to survive after being treated intensively, so that weighs 3.7 pounds. This figure is considered the average weight of babies at birth in Germany.

For 24 hours a day, all the time, the child is in the incubator and connected to feeding tubes, breathing, heart monitors, catheters, and most electronic devices to monitor vital signs of life every day.

Day by day she grew stronger, until this week his parents were allowed to take her home. Identity withheld at the request of his parents.

“I spoke with the parents of the baby. I hope when you grow up, it would become a hunter, “said Stephan Seeliger, a recognized expert in premature babies.

The hospital was sure, though born prematurely at 25 weeks of gestation, Tom Thum become a normal and healthy child.

“The crisis has passed. Now all the organs and limbs are well developed. The baby is now healthy and have normal weight, “the spokesman said.

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7 Tips Baby Skin Care /7-tips-baby-skin-care.html /7-tips-baby-skin-care.html#comments Wed, 27 Apr 2011 14:26:28 +0000 qhiqy /?p=295
The baby’s skin is very soft, but vulnerable to changes in temperature, drought and infection. Because sweat glands are not fully developed, the baby’s skin is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Although sebaceous glands are formed in the skin, but do not produce oil. As a result, babies are prone to dry skin.The baby’s skin is also susceptible to infection because the protection system against microorganisms have not been fully established. Therefore, the proper care of sensitive baby skin is very important in the early months of life.

Here are seven tips that are recommended in the care of the child’s skin

1. Bath every day, but clean skin every day.
In the first four months, not bathe your baby every day. Baby care experts recommend for baby’s bath once a week, especially in the first two months of life. Special baby soap is more friendly with the baby’s skin, but its use should not be too often. To keep baby’s skin does not dry out because of soap in the bath water you can pour a few drops of olive oil or baby oil.

You should clean your baby’s skin every day with a cloth, especially in the diaper area and skin folds. For the diaper area, you can simply wipe with a damp cloth without soap. Because it will often clear the area susceptible to skin irritation. The supply of olive oil or baby oil to prevent irritation. Oil is the formation of an invisible layer on the skin, retaining moisture while protecting the skin from irritation. For treatment of the folds of skin on the feet, hands and neck, take a cotton ball soaked in water and few drops of oil to absorb and remove dirt. regional folds are highly vulnerable dirty neck, because the milk residue.

Water used for bathing or settlement must be the heat is 37 º C on Prepare a hot towel wrap and base before and after the baby is clean.

2. Protect your baby from skin problems
Infants may have some problems or skin diseases follows:

Birthmarks. In the face and the baby’s neck may be red moon. It is a collection of blood vessels-no-rash because they are not highlighted or itchy. The reason is that hormonal changes after childbirth. These birthmarks that usually fade within a couple of weeks. There needs to be treated.

Dermatitis. Sometimes, the baby develops a yeast infection in skin folds. Type of candida fungus often causes diaper rash, called dermatitis because he likes the warm and humid areas. baby’s neck folds can also be a good environment for candida. You can prevent and overcome a rash, keeping the skin dry, for example, always make sure the diaper is dry and baby powder to taste the skin. If the rash does not improve or tending to spread a few days, consult your baby’s doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a simple cream to kill the fungus.

The sudamen. When it’s hot, baby’s skin may be irritated by the heat. The rash appears as small red bumps in places that are wet with perspiration, for example, in the diaper area, underarms, back and neck. Place the baby in the room cool and comfortable is the best way of preventing and treating diaper rash. loose clothing and keep the affected area remain dry can also help.

Another problem. In skin conditions like eczema, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, etc, you should always consult a doctor for treatment.

3. Protect the baby from the sun
Infants in the first year of life should not be exposed to UV radiation. meetings of clothing, hats and sunglasses are the best means of protection against UVA and UVB rays. It can also provide the sunscreen (sunscreen) is open to taste on the skin.

4. Use a cotton cloth
Try to always wear cotton clothing and diapers for infants. Irritating to skin and cotton, have pores, and absorb moisture. Avoid synthetic materials.

5. Protect the baby from the cold
The baby’s skin is not enough to keep warm. Selimutilah baby clothes and warm blankets when you take away that makes it exposed to wind.

6. Use oil / ointment to heat
In bad weather, especially during the cold and the wind was blowing, it is advisable to apply eucalyptus oil heaters balm for babies. This fragrance of scented oil and protect the skin from the elements and dehydration. However, be careful when applying oil or ointment if your baby has a rash, so as not to aggravate the condition.

7. Massage
General health and skin care, baby you can do a massage. To this end, you can use olive oil or another essential oil that does not harm the baby and may trigger asthma.

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Recent research shows that pregnant women give birth to a baby of her diligent healthier heart condition that pregnant women who smoke.

The team of researchers from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biological Sciences of the United States with 61 healthy women 20 to 35 years in a pilot research project in sports, pregnancy and fetal heart. Half of the respondents exercised regularly during pregnancy, either running, brisk walking or other moderate exercise at least three times a week. Some also do sports and a lot of yoga.

Meanwhile, some respondents do not exercise regularly, but still move normally. To determine the fetal heart health, respondents were asked to carry out laboratory tests during pregnancy came at week 28, 32 and 36.

Previously, a study has revealed that the fetal heart rate also increases when the mother is exercise. However Dr.Linda E. May, who conducted the study to see whether the exercise carried out long-term maternal effect on fetal heart health.

Apparently, the baby from the womb of the mother who diligently exercise has a stronger heart, even after the baby is born. ”The effect is especially seen in babies whose mothers exercise more often,” said May.

He explained that although the mother and the fetus has a heart-lung and blood are separated, but the specific hormone released when mothers exercise will be forwarded to the fetus through the placenta.

Another theory is that the intake of breath and heart rate increased when mothers exercise will be heard by the fetus that accounted for the baby’s heart. The baby’s body adapts then matching the rhythm of the heart with your heart rate.

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