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How Much We Use Brain?

This basis, just one ounce of brains! Such nagging sometimes asked someone angry face stupidity of others. In fact, according to the results of the study at Virginia Commonwealth University, as quoted by the journal Intelligence, brain size has nothing to do with intelligence. And probably no one really has an ounce of brains. Normal human brains in the range of 1.15 to 1.42 kg, approximately the size of an orange (grapefruit).

Big brains is generally in the hands of the people in the Antarctic area as needed for visual function. Understandably, in the northern hemisphere at the end of a visit is just a bit of sun, so the weather tends to dim. That’s why they need more visibility than we have at the equator, so I could look around.

While the inhabitants of Micronesia region are relatively small brains, but certainly not an ounce. Women have smaller brains than men, 11-12 percent, but that does not mean that men are more intelligent.

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