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Pressure Ulcers: when skin necrosis

Pressure ulcers are lesions that affect patients bedridden, naturally heal within a few months. Only one operation can accelerate healing. The decubitus ulcer is a pressure, if too hard tissue between tablet time (a bed or chair) and a bony prominence are occurring.

If zone compressed redness appears on the surface of the skin. Crushing pressure vessel into the deep. The blood watered several tissues, which eventually runs out of oxygen, as tissue hypoxia. If this continues, the tissues that need more oxygen, such as muscle and fat, die and become necrotic. Continue reading

ovarian cysts

This is a fairly common problem, and that 5% of women will develop ovarian cysts during their life.

A cyst is a mass that may be abnormal, often is a bag, the contents are liquid. There are different types of ovarian cysts. The ovary contains birth data, a number of file oocytes. Each is wound into a pouch, called a follicle. At the beginning of each cycle the ovaries causes the growth of a dozen follicles while producing estrogen. Getting on the fourteenth day of the cycle, follicles larger, more mature, will be deported to the trunk at the time of ovulation. If pregnancy does not occur, the egg is removed and the rules. Continue reading

Russian Online Course

People can learn other language beside their native language easily right now through the internet.

They can start to learn Russian through online course that available in the internet. This online course was perfect for beginner people that just start to learn this language.

The lesson comes step by step from the very basic thing that people need to know and move on to the next step and other subject like verbs and things like that. This will make learning process easier so they can mastered the language in the right time and what makes it even good is that they all come for free.

Large Breast Cancer More Vulnerable?

Large breasts could actually lead to many health problems including cancer risk. Big breasts is a factor of a person’s risk ofbreast cancer.

According dr.Saptadi Wedding Basuki, Sp.B.Onk, the largerbreast size, the larger the breast tissue that is owned. ”For large networks, this means that their cells are more. As you know, when these cells have a genetic mutation could mutate into cancer cells,” he said on the sidelines of the seminar the key to early detection of breast cancer prevention and treatment of GEIndonesia in Jakarta (10/21/11).

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Pomegranate Fruit Keep Cancer and Heart Attacks

In Javanese culture, which sought dipaling grenade in the tradition of the seven months pregnant. In fact, if the pomegranates are consumed each day we will have a myriad of health benefits.Various scientific studies have proven.

One of the best known properties of the pomegranate is to protect the heart. One study showed that eating about 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily for three months Formatting will reduce levels of bad cholesterol, increase blood flow to the heart in patients with coronary heart disease, reduce shrinkage arteries supplying the brain, and blood pressure.

Pomegranates also contain anti-cancer. Sweet red fruit and is known to make cancer cells are destroyed or collectively, the process of apoptosis.

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Beware 15 Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a scourge for anyone. This disease may occur at any time and can affect anyone without showing any symptoms or signs.

Among the many types of cancer, there are no symptoms early in its development. Signs usually appear only after the cancer is growing rapidly. In fact, with alert and find the cancer early symptoms, duration of treatment will be relatively easy.

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Asparagus, anticancer and antiaging

Apart from good to eat asparagus plants was also effective for health.
Asparagus the definition of a protein called histones that are believed active in controlling cell growth or cancer prevention.

U.S. National Cancer Institute also reported that asparagus is the food that contain evidence of high glutathione, an antioxidant that is considered one of the most active and powerful in the fight against aging and prevent cancer.
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