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Sleep Late, Over Child Obesity Risk

Being overweight or obese has now become a common problem, not just adults but also children. Running a healthy and balanced diet is balanced regular exercise is the best way to prevent obesity.

There are many more simple and easy to make your child’s weight remains ideal. A recent study indicates that early rest periods and adequate duration of sleep may increase the risk of children are overweight. Children who used to sleep early and wake up earlier have more body lean and physically active than children who used to go to bed late at night.

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WHO: 2015 No Child Born with HIV

World Health Organization (WHO) called on countries in Southeast Asia to menurunan risk of HIV / AIDS focus, especially among children. In 2015, expected to be less children are born infected with the virus.

“We must learn from the experience and work to ensure that no children are born infected with HIV,” said Samlee Plianbangchang, WHO Regional Director for South Asia on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2011.

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Help Overcome Obesity Symptoms Little

Looking at the actions of a style child, innocent, spontaneous, full of curiosity and invite a sense of nostalgia. Especially if the baby had no food mengasup difficulty. How wonderful!

He did not even rule out the possibility that your son has a frequency and excessive consumption of food, can make the body larger than their peers. While cute chubby kid, but it keeps the potential obesity-prone diseases.

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Active Child Moves, Smart Math

Smart in math to be an advantage of a child who has been actively moving. In this case, children who are obese or overweight.

Regular exercise will increase the ability of children who are overweight, which is usually just sit still, to be able to think, make plans, it can even grow in mathematics. Thus the findings of researchers at the Georgia Health Sciences University.

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