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Being overweight or obese has now become a common problem, not just adults but also children. Running a healthy and balanced diet is balanced regular exercise is the best way to prevent obesity.

There are many more simple and easy to make your child’s weight remains ideal. A recent study indicates that early rest periods and adequate duration of sleep may increase the risk of children are overweight. Children who used to sleep early and wake up earlier have more body lean and physically active than children who used to go to bed late at night.

In his study, researchers at the University of South Australia recorded the time of sleep and wakefulness over 2,200 participants, aged 9-6 years. Participants who have time to sleep better, generally early (21:20) and waking up early (at 07:00) bed. While those with poor sleep, sleep (at 22:40) and wakes up (at 8:20). Then the researchers compared the weight of the participants.

The study, published in the journal Sleep shows that children who sleep late and wake up late on 1.5 times more likely to be obese than people who sleep and wake up earlier. In fact, children who sleep late at night almost two times more likely to be physically inactive and 2.9 times more likely to be in front of the TV, computer or playing video games are more hours than the recommended limits.

“In recent years scientists have realized that children who sleep less tend to have poor health,” said lead researcher Dr. Carol Maher.

“Children who sleep late and wake up late, and asked the kids to bed and getting up earlier in much the same total duration of interruptions. The scientists found in recent years of children who sleep less tend to do things detrimental health effects, including the risk of making the body overweight and obesity. Tsudi This indicates that the timing of sleep is more important, “added Maher.

In the morning, Maher said, is more conducive to children and adolescents compared to the evening, where there is an interesting TV programs and opportunities for social networking activities. The relationship between time and the availability of the activity may explain why the behavior is less active (sitting) in connection with a late bedtime, he said.
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WHO: 2015 No Child Born with HIV /who-2015-no-child-born-with-hiv.html /who-2015-no-child-born-with-hiv.html#comments Fri, 02 Dec 2011 13:23:21 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1404

World Health Organization (WHO) called on countries in Southeast Asia to menurunan risk of HIV / AIDS focus, especially among children. In 2015, expected to be less children are born infected with the virus.

“We must learn from the experience and work to ensure that no children are born infected with HIV,” said Samlee Plianbangchang, WHO Regional Director for South Asia on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2011.

Efforts will be made by continuing menegmbangkan an innovative method of treatment, improving health, but also political commitment. In addition to preventing children born with HIV, are expected to HIV-positive people in treatment live longer and better.

They note that between 2001-2010, the number of people infected with HIV in Southeast Asia fell sharply by 34 percent especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Plianbangchang said, with the expansion of facilities for the provision of services related to HIV testing and counseling, at least there are approximately 16 million people who have undergone HIV testing throughout the region.

In fact, the number of people with HIV / AIDS are receiving anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment also increased 10-fold. This suggests that more people have access to cure the disease.

The results of the WHO report on HIV / AIDS in Southeast Asia in 2011 showed, there are approximately 3.5 million people are estimated to be living with HIV / AIDS in 2010, including 140,000 children. While women accounted for 37 percent of this population.

Although in some countries such as India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and has shown a declining trend, but the epidemic continues to rise in Indonesia.

“Most people with HIV are unaware of their HIV status. One in five pregnant women have less access to HIV testing and counseling. While two of the three pregnant women with HIV do not receive preventive anti-virus,” said it.

“There is only one third of all people with advanced HIV infection receiving anti-retroviral therapy according to the latest WHO criteria,” he concluded.

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Help Overcome Obesity Symptoms Little /help-overcome-obesity-symptoms-little.html /help-overcome-obesity-symptoms-little.html#comments Fri, 16 Sep 2011 02:32:35 +0000 qhiqy /?p=950
Looking at the actions of a style child, innocent, spontaneous, full of curiosity and invite a sense of nostalgia. Especially if the baby had no food mengasup difficulty. How wonderful!

He did not even rule out the possibility that your son has a frequency and excessive consumption of food, can make the body larger than their peers. While cute chubby kid, but it keeps the potential obesity-prone diseases.

Fat within reasonable limits the size of body mass index (BMI), which normally would not be a problem. However, if your child has exceeded the value of BMI above 25-30, provided that parents should be observed.

Instead, seek status of your child, your child’s doctor as soon as possible. At least under the care of a doctor, your child can receive appropriate treatment to help reduce body weight, reaching a normal body weight.

This process is set out is not easy, karean process takes patience and time. Therefore, direct and manage feeding your child with complete sincerity.

Base Pronsip allows your baby regardless of the problem of obesity is to provide a supply of healthy foods and increase the amount of physical activity. As a parent, you can decide which food is processed and consumed the little guy. It can be as follows:

Involve your child in choosing the store while shopping. Encourage your child to pick fruits and vegetables as food ingredients, as well as low-fat snacks. Avoid selecting foods that contain lots of sweeteners and note the content of nutrients in these snacks.

A time to eat your time with your baby at the dinner table every day.The experience is told today, the latest information, and asked the child what is experienced today in school and at home, it would be nice. In addition to making the atmosphere more friendly and communicative, eating together can help your child maakn faster and more complete, because the focus on these talk shows.

When going to a fast food restaurant, you should take over to determine what the appropriate menu for children who are obese.

In the meantime, to help increase physical activity for babies, a time to your time in a week to practice together. In addition, Monday through Friday, to limit the activities of your children watch TV at least 2 hours per day maximum. Give your child a chance for you to select one or outdoor sport ditekuninya. Some of these means, DAPT help your child about the problem of obesity.

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Active Child Moves, Smart Math /active-child-moves-smart-math.html /active-child-moves-smart-math.html#comments Thu, 15 Sep 2011 02:21:09 +0000 qhiqy /?p=947
Smart in math to be an advantage of a child who has been actively moving. In this case, children who are obese or overweight.

Regular exercise will increase the ability of children who are overweight, which is usually just sit still, to be able to think, make plans, it can even grow in mathematics. Thus the findings of researchers at the Georgia Health Sciences University.

Why do math? Not explain why, but the main reason is that mathematics is a subject that has a higher level of difficulty compared to other subjects and also requires more concentration to learn.

Researchers also hope that not only obese children undergoing exercise every day, but also those who were poor. The study was based on observations of 171 overweight children aged 7 to 11 years.

After doing the exercise every day, there is a significant development in terms of competency and skills in mathematics.According to the central site Pysch after MRI of the brain of children, there is increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, an area that is typically used to think.

In addition, the IQ has been increased. Most often they exercise, the higher the IQ. On average, an increase of 3.8 points for those who practice 40 minutes a day after school for three months.

Sports that can be diverse: the hula hoop, running, jumping rope, and other sports, including swimming and cycling.

All sports it is also the stimulation of the brain more active.Everything from the movement that carried out while making the blood more fluid, so that oxygen delivery was smooth as well.

In essence, a child could not move if the brain is not active. To be active, oxygen required, and so on. It is all interconnected.Therefore, if there are children who are overweight, do not let them sit. Invite them to move as often as possible.

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Age How Babies Can Swim? /age-how-babies-can-swim.html /age-how-babies-can-swim.html#comments Sat, 13 Aug 2011 02:47:50 +0000 qhiqy /?p=754
The movements when swimming can help to form the legs and hands, heart and respiratory system of infants. In addition to playing in the water make children happy and closer to his parents. When the benefits of swimming can be so much whenyour child may be invited to swim?

There are two points of view regarding the most appropriate ageto invite children to swim. Some believe that the child could haveintroduced the activity if the head started swimming when he washeld in an upright position.

Swimming coaches at an early age is considered easier for children because, when his brain like a sponge that absorbs allthe information it receives. Another view says that the best timeis when children aged 6-12 months.

According to Rita Goldberg, a former British national swimmerand a coach, the key to teaching children to swim is done with a trauma soft, pleasant and without.

Ancient idea that the child immersed directly in the pool even if children do not have the ability to swim is not recommended Ritasecond. He argued that would make children becometraumatized and afraid of water. Besides the natural instinct of children in the water also does not appear if a child is forced to swim.

Although many parents to judge dangerous to the children’s pool,but in fact see the boy as a vast expanse pool. So a child mustbe really enjoying his first experience in the pool.

The courage of the children in the pool can be done in stages,because there are children who fear that his body exposed to water. You can also ask her to sing while teaching swimming skills, such as the movement of the foot pedal or floating on his back. In order for children to feel safe, make sure you are always close.

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7 Ways to Little Immune Disease /7-ways-to-little-immune-disease.html /7-ways-to-little-immune-disease.html#comments Fri, 12 Aug 2011 03:16:21 +0000 qhiqy /?p=728
A child is born with a strong immune system so that there should be efforts to strengthen it. Once inside the mother’s womb, a baby is very protected. However, when he came into the world, will be exposed to various types of bacteria and viruses. This is because children are subject to various diseases.

During their growth, if given the proper intake of food, the immune system continues to strengthen. Strictly limit or overly protective of the children was not good because it will only hinder the development of immunity.

However, there are also things that must be kept and maintained during their growth and development. Because, otherwise, the child will become so weakened immune susceptible to disease.
Below are steps that parents can do to strengthen the immune system of children.

1. Make sure that the breast-fed
Been shown by researchers that breast milk may increase the child’s immune system. Not only that, breast milk also has other functions, such as reducing the risk of child obesity, also increase the bond between mother and son. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, mothers should breastfeed their children for a year. If it is not possible, mothers should breastfeed at least during the first six or three months of child’s age.

2. Fresh food
It ‘important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially for children. Eating fresh food, the immune system will increase.There are many types of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Therefore, even the daily diet of fruits in the list, instead of cookies and chips for your child.

3. Avoid fast food and processed
Of course children love these two foods, but this does not mean that the food is healthy for them. Because, in it there is a variety of addictive chemicals and substances that can damage the immune system. Therefore, parents are encouraged to cultivate healthy eating habits for their children at home.

4. Sport
Sport is a surefire way to improve the immune system for children. Do not let the kids just watch TV whenever I’m home.Encourage them to play, do sports. In this way, but they can add to the closeness of your family, your immune system increases.

5. Personal hygiene

Cultivating healthy habits for your child to maintain personal hygiene by washing hands with soap after leaving the bathroom or before eating. Another thing parents should do is replace the toothbrush to his children as often as possible. Toothbrush is one of the carriers of germs and hygiene management requires. The use of toothbrushes at the same time should also be avoided.

6. Reducing antibiotic
Becomes a common thing, if the parents often ask doctors to prescribe drugs (antibiotics) for their child at the time a cold sore, sore throat or flu. In fact, these diseases requires only some mild medications or natural remedies. Doctors say the flu and many other childhood diseases caused by viruses, not bacteria. Therefore, whenever the sick, the children do not always need to be treated with antibiotics. The use of antibiotics, which often weaken the immune system of children.

7. Enough sleep
Children need more sleep than adults to keep them healthy. If lack of sleep can degrade the performance and immune system of adults, it makes sense if the children had tried, perhaps even worse. According to experts, preschool children need 10 hours sleep, children 12-13 hours, and the child is 18 hours. Therefore, parents should make sure their children still get the number of hours of sleep.

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