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Here are some of the scientific activities and worksheets that teachers and parents can use to make science attractive to children.

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Do not Make a habit of Children Sleep While Breastfeeding /do-not-make-a-habit-of-children-sleep-while-breastfeeding.html /do-not-make-a-habit-of-children-sleep-while-breastfeeding.html#comments Fri, 02 Mar 2012 07:20:27 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1626
Drinking a bottle of milk before bed is considered bedtime a child of cash. However, these habits must be removed as they could cause problems in your child’s teeth.

The problem of dental caries or tooth decay in children under five is called bottlesyndrome decay. The cause is the sugar found in milk teeth stuck in the food and germs in the mouth.

“Milk is still grouped in the child’s mouth will become food for bacteria so that bacteria multiply rapidly. As a result, the enamel surface is more easily damaged and people often call gigis” said the President of Dental Board of the Association ofIndonesia (recognizes) drg.Zaura Anggraini Rini, under the signature of cooperation with Pepsodent PDGI in Jakarta (03/01/12).

So far, the problem of dental caries is a problem of dental health of children. WorldHealth Organization (WHO) declared in 2003 the number of dental caries in childrenreaches 60-90 percent.

Rini suggested that children sleep in a clean condition of the teeth. ”You get used tobottle-fed babies to sleep. From early childhood accustomed to brushing your teeth or at least rinse with water after drinking milk,” he said.

To be effective, of course, parents should mencontohkannya in children. ”Do not justtell the kids, but parents do not brush your teeth before bed,” he said.

Added by him, the habit of brushing their teeth before bed reduces the risk of caries.”In a national survey of people who do not brush your teeth before bed number two more times than I brush my teeth berlubangnya” he said.

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6 Steps to Protect Children from Drugs /6-steps-to-protect-children-from-drugs.html /6-steps-to-protect-children-from-drugs.html#comments Wed, 22 Feb 2012 13:48:48 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1612

Lately we have heard many cases of drug abuse or drug obataan befall young adults, even children. This is certainly a serious problem, considering the future of a nation is in your hands.

In this case, the role of parents had a big hand, especially in protecting their children from the threat of dangerous goods.Based on this, here are some tips to help parents protect their children from exposure to drugs, or even stop using it:

1. Addressing the problem quickly

If your child is caught using drugs, or even inside the suspicious yet, experts recommend that parents take action. Some people stop using drugs after their teenage years. But research showed that people who try drugs at a younger age, more likely to become addicted.

“If a teen has started smoking or drinking alcohol, which have a higher risk of becoming drug users than those who just started smoking and drinking after the age of 20 years,” said Roxanne Kibben, vice president of Phoenix House Foundation , a nonprofit organization based in the United States provide treatment services for drug abuse in 10 countries.

A national survey in 2010 found that 12.8 percent of those who first tried marijuana at age 14 years or younger are likely to become drug users. But those who tried marijuana at age 18 or older have less risk, which is 2.6 percent. .

2. Talk as soon as possible

The experts at Phoenix House Foundation recommends that parents talk with their children immediately before they have the opportunity to use drugs or alcohol. These efforts can be made long before the child enters school.

Meanwhile, Tammy Granger Caron Treatment Centers to advise parents to start talking about the dangers of drugs to children aged 8-10 years, to prevent entry of incorrect information from their peers.

“I think it’s important for children to get some specific information related to drugs,” said Granger.

3. Set clear limits

A national survey of drug use and health-related care in the United States in 2010 shows as much as 89.6 percent of adolescents aged 12-17 years reported that their parents objected to the use of marijuana, but only tried once or twice.

However, experts say, many parents feel free to start talking about drugs in detail if the child is not exposed.

“Therefore, it is clear what the rules are, and what would happen if they (the children) to break the rules. All parents seem to have the same rules about drugs,” said Kibben.

Jennifer Fan, center for substance abuse prevention in the United States, he said, parents should not only give advice in the form of words but real action to give an example.

4. Positive Thinking

The prevention of drug use do not always have to be in the form of warnings or punishment to children. Granger said that through the provision of motivation can also be a tool of protection for young people not to be involved in drug abuse. ”Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive,” said Granger.

5. Build the emotional bond

Granger said that prevention of drug abuse should not always talk about the drug itself, but can be addressed other factors that trigger such as stress.

“We have a prevention program that is not always about drugs and alcohol. However, on the construction of staff resilience and determination,” said Granger.

Granger said that children with mental health problems or have difficulty managing emotions, have a higher risk of drug users and alcohol. Strengthen the family’s emotional support from the beginning to curb the problems associated with drug abuse in adolescents.

The experts at Columbia University found that children have the opportunity to dine with their families tend not to be involved in drug use or drinking. In their research, researchers associated with 1,000 adolescents and 452 parents, found that teens who eat dinner with the family the opportunity to at least three times a week, twice as likely to use snuff or marijuana.

6. Give examples of real cases

Experts recommend that parents do not be afraid or ashamed to give concrete examples of drug abuse-related cases. You can talk about the life of someone you know kids (neighbors), which is experiencing problems caused by drug use.

“It explains in neutral. Can say, when someone does this, then they are at risk,” said Kibben.

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Recognize Diabetes in Children /recognize-diabetes-in-children.html /recognize-diabetes-in-children.html#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2011 14:19:53 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1306
Initiative of the International Diabetes Federation and WHO, is celebrated every November 14 as World Diabetes Day. It marks the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting who discovered insulin plays: Hormonal treatment of diabetes, which saved many lives.Then you know diabetes in children?
World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, more than 220 million people worldwide have diabetes. The amount may not exceed two times in 2030 without the cooperation. Nearly 80 percent of deaths occurred in patients with diabetic lower middle income countries.
Amid these conditions, the attention of many parties are still largely focused on adult diabetics. In fact, children with diabetes require no less attention and help.
World Diabetes Foundation recommends diabetes suspect that if a child with typical clinical signs, namely 3P and blood sugar levels (GD) high, above 200 mg / dl. GD is high so that the sugar molecules in the urine, which normally contains no sugar, hence formerly called diabetes.
Symptoms of 3P is polifagi (often eating because repeated hunger), polidipsi (often drink because of thirst, repeated), and polyuria (frequent urination, including at night incontinence in children who usually have no incontinence or recurrent urinary leave during the hours of classroom sessions).
Diabetes in children is also called Type 1, the pancreas is damaged and no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of insulin leading to absolute insulin deficiency to produce. In contrast, it is usually type 2 diabetes in adults, ie there is damage to body cells, despite adequate insulin is actually available, that the relative insulin deficiency.
Type 1 diabetes in children is often preceded by symptoms of recurrent abdominal pain and a history of viral infections, such as parotitis (or gondhongen), chickenpox (cangkrangen), acute diarrhea and flu singapore (HMFD), the spread of the virus followed up damage to the pancreas.
Diabetes complications cause acute (short term) and chronic (long term). Acute complications that can lead to the death of the patient’s hyperglycemia (high GD), as untreated diabetes and hypoglycemia (low GD) caused by excessive handling.
Chronic complications are the main blood vessel abnormalities in the heart and brains of small blood vessels in the eye, kidney, and nerve fibers. Hyperglycaemia can lead to a child is always hungry, frequent urination, dehydration, weakness, seizures, decreased consciousness and died suddenly. Hypoglycemia often makes the child’s emotional, irritable, tired, cold sweats, fainting, and permanent damage to cells that interfere with organ function and process of child development.
Coronary heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, deafness, or death in young adulthood is a chronic complication of diabetes that usually occurs after the child is a teenager.
Complications of acute hyperglycemia is now the entrance to distrust of the doctor of diabetes in children. The existence of shock, dehydration, seizures, coma, and sudden death was probably caused by common diseases such as dengue fever, acute diarrhea, pneumonia, infection of the brains, appendicitis, or other diseases more often.
If not suspect diabetes and GD is not checked, will almost certainly die of pediatric medical errors Board with the final diagnosis is not right.
Type 1 diabetes in children treated with insulin injections, as opposed to adults who need more oral anti-diabetic drug (OAD) swallowed. Insulin is given to acute complications to overcome premature death to avoid the risk of chronic complications reduce, and daily activities with colleagues, including optimal growth.
Children with diabetes must be given insulin injections for life, despite ill health, travel, or reside outside the home, in other activities.
Institutions eating and exercise are equally important. However, children do not need to diet or reducing the size of the meal as adult patients, except when the child is overweight (obese).
All children, despite suffering from diabetes, have enough food to support growth. Sports and all forms of the game, including those of effort with colleagues, it must also be done and should not be restricted.
Sport and play together is an activity that should be planned so well that the dose of insulin can be adjusted with high and low GD, due to increased muscle work in sport and play.
World Diabetes Day on November 14 was a reminder of the presence of diabetes in children to be wary. Insulin injection as soon as possible, every day, and a lifetime is an important pillar in the treatment of diabetes in children.
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8 Reasons Delaying Vaccination in Children /8-reasons-delaying-vaccination-in-children.html /8-reasons-delaying-vaccination-in-children.html#comments Sat, 29 Oct 2011 13:23:59 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1406

Vaccination or immunization is one of the best ways to help your child stay healthy and protected from the threat of the disease.However, many parents worry about whether the vaccine is safe enough if the baby has a cold, allergies and other medical conditions were.

In fact, almost the entire immunization is safe for most children.However, there are several reasons that might make sense for parents to delay or even to give vaccinations to children. For safety, contact your pediatrician, which of the following reasons that are relevant to your child.

1. Experienced a severe reaction to previous vaccine
An important reason for the vaccination of children to prevent a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. Similarly, according to Robert W. Frenck, Jr., MD, professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ohio.
Allergic reactions “almost never happens,” said Dr. Frenck, but that appears to be hives, difficulty breathing, or decreased blood pressure. Other serious reactions, such as high fever, headache and confusion, including rare cases.

2. Egg allergy
Vaccines for influenza and measles viruses in chicken eggs.However, the vaccine is given to your child, even if he has an egg allergy.
“One way to give flu vaccine to children allergic to eggs is to give small doses,” said Dr. Andrew Hertz, MD, pediatrician at the University Hospital Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland.

Advisory Committee on Immunization Program in the U.S. have recently recommended that people with egg allergies should get a flu vaccination. Studies have noted that even people with egg allergy reactions to the vaccine is not likely, since the amount of egg protein in it is very small.

3. High fever
“If your child has a fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius, ask your doctor whether you need to postpone the vaccination,” advises Dr. Hertz. ”You will not know if the fever is a side effect of the vaccine,” said Dr. Hertz. But he suggests, if you to delay vaccination because of a fever, do not forget to re-schedule.

4. Asthma
Children with asthma and reduced lung conditions should be the key to get a flu shot every year. Because the flu can be a big problem for people with hearing problems, respiratory problems.

However, you should avoid this type of nasal flu vaccine (a vaccine that is sprayed), because the vaccine contains live virus, unlike the injected vaccine, which is a dead virus. ”This will probably cause an asthma attack,” said Dr. Hertz.

5. A high dose steroids
If your child using high doses of corticosteroids (which exclude an overreaction of the immune system), you should avoid live vaccines, including a nasal flu vaccine, rotavirus, MMR, varicella (chicken pox) and shingles (herpes), until a few weeks after he stopped taking steroids.

According to Dr. Frenck, high doses of steroids usually for a relatively short period of time to asthma or other diseases. These drugs can reduce the activity of immune cells to fight viral infections. However, low doses of inhaled steroids are not a problem in the vaccination.

6. A low immunity or chemotherapy
Children with weakened immune systems due to chemotherapy, or immunosuppressive therapy for autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or rheumatoid arthritis (RA), should also avoid live vaccines. Despite the killing, virus vaccines remain safe and necessary to protect children with these conditions.

7. HIV-positive
“In general, children with HIV should be vaccinated while their immune systems are not too disturbed,” said Ciro Sumaya, MD, professor of Texas A & M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health, College Station.

The only exception is the flu vaccine live. If not, than the children with HIV has a number of T cells within an acceptable range, then it is safe enough to live vaccines such as MMR, varicella and rotavirus receive.

8. There are people who are sick at home
According to Dr. Hertz, a number of specific types of live vaccines not be given to children living with people who have weakened immune systems, either because it is chemotherapy or HIV / AIDS, or taking immunosuppressive drugs.

In particular, these children avoid getting a nasal flu vaccine. In theory, the virus that originated from the nasal vaccine is potentially infectious and enter through the respiratory tract, although the amount is very small.

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Any Children Have Different Communication Styles /any-children-have-different-communication-styles.html /any-children-have-different-communication-styles.html#comments Sat, 08 Oct 2011 12:12:23 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1125

Communication between parents of children who also stopped due to lack of attention and understanding. So the parents should be more sensitive to the tendency of the child’s communication style. In this way children feel comfortable talking to you, especially when faced with various problems he encountered. Children also fulfilled his need for attention and affection that the parents presented with a convenient and effective.

“There are children who fulfilled his need for attention and affection, just to cuddle. But there are also children who feel they have made for her parents the presence of her father. Every child is unique, they have different communication styles. Parents have the child communication style to recognize, to put something in a more precise and striking, “said Becky Tumewu, communications practitioners and founders of schools of public speaking, TALKinc, when parents talk with program participants Daycare PT Unilever Indonesia in Jakarta some time ago.

According to Becky, there are five languages ​​of love that the parents must be recognized, especially in establishing communication with their children. Namely, praise, touch, gifts, services, and presence.

Every child, even within a family may have different needs and communication styles. Therefore, says Becky, a different style of communication to the brother with the sister for example. Moreover, the communication styles between one family with another family.

“The style of communication you have with your cousin apply instance, can not be generalized. You can not be a communication style that successfully your cousin in the family, children at home. Laying because every child has different needs,” he out.

Children who like prizes, if you do not feel it provided more often give a gift or a toy example. Because of this child, the words of praise are positive showing the attention of her parents’ example.

By observing children’s behavior, parents can identify the language of love more noticeable in the child. You will easily transfer your plans for the child, if it is the character and style of communication to recognize. Especially in showing affection and attention. That way a parent-child communication at home smoothly, due to a mutual understanding.

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Caution, Make Kids Fat Chocolate Milk! /caution-make-kids-fat-chocolate-milk.html /caution-make-kids-fat-chocolate-milk.html#comments Fri, 16 Sep 2011 02:49:03 +0000 qhiqy /?p=956
Choose chocolate milk as an additional source of nutrients for children of many parents, because it tastes more delicious and tasty. But the selection of milk chocolate to be considered again, because the flavored milk could potentially lead to obesity in children.

United States, one of the director of school nutrition services even called for chocolate milk removed from the school canteen menu.The reason, milk chocolate contains calories higher than regular milk that tastes fresh.

“If children chose the white chocolate milk instead of milk throughout the year, their weight will grow from 2.5 to 3 pounds (1-1.5 kg) and less than 10 years, the weight can be from 25 to 30 pounds, “said Ann Cooper while attending a meeting with officials in Washington to discuss the quality of school meals.

“We are facing an obesity crisis in this country,” said Cooper, who is currently the director of nutrition services at school, in Boulder, Colorado, where he had to get rid of milk chocolate and other flavored milk with organic milk and replace it with cold pure.

Chocolate milk contains as much more than 50 percent of calories from the white milk, sugar equals one ounce of soda. ”Milk chocolate and soda just as bad,” said Cooper.

Servings of eight ounces of fluid (as much as 240 milliliters) of Nesquik chocolate skim milk contains 200 calories and 30 grams of sugar – or more than the contents of the cans 12 ounces (350 milliliters) of Coca-Cola, which contains 27 grams of sugar and 140 calories.

Of course, the milk changes flavor contain nutrients not found in soda. But whole milk contains the same nutritional value with fewer calories and sugar content is only a third of the milk with flavors vary.

At a conference on obesity earlier this year, Thomas Frieden, the leader of the Centers U. S. for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said about half of the 250 extra calories consumed on average Americans today – against 25 last year – comes from foods and beverages that contain sugar.

The dairy industry can not remain silent in an effort to get rid of flavored milk in school. They tried to fight back against militants flavored milk to the action via the Internet called “Raise your hand to make milk chocolate.”

“Some schools and activist groups are trying to eliminate chocolate milk low fat in the cafeteria, but it will actually contain more harm than good,” said the National Dairy Council in the network pro-flavored milk , which showed a large number of text boxes brown.

“Milk chocolate is the most famous choice of milk at school, and children drink less milk (and get less nutrition), when milk chocolate is removed,” he said.

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If Age 2 Years Too Late Talking Children /if-age-2-years-too-late-talking-children.html /if-age-2-years-too-late-talking-children.html#comments Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:15:29 +0000 qhiqy /?p=689
The development of each child is usually different from another.There are children who are able to run first, but could not say the words, there is also a curious child does not play but I have not been able to walk. To improve the skills of speaking children need stimulation from parents.

There are many factors behind why a child is late to talk to his friends. The important thing for parents is to know the stages of language development of children.

According to dr. Vimaladewi Lukito, SP.A, Tirtayu Healing Center Jakarta, usually one year old can already say a few words. ”Beware if years of age, children can not say a word, while in two years to see a child when he could not speak six words,” he said.

“Two years have not been able to” Dad “” Mom “should already be in screening, to identify anomalies. Immediately brought to the pediatrician for testing or whether there are other problems, “he said in the child development seminar, Saturday (6 / 8).

Children of two years who do not speak at all, according to him are not normal circumstances. Even thought there is the option of upgrading to a child’s risk of autism or other developmental disorders. Moreover, if the child is more like playing alone and showed symptoms of the management of autism.

But to be sure, parents are encouraged to consult a pediatrician.”Must be another symptom, not only because she can not talk and then say autism or autism in the gap continues to say,” he said.

According Vimaladewi, most people with autism have communication disorders, speech and language. But people with language disorders may not have autism.

Child’s problems continued to talk late, can also be caused by oral motor disorders. Oromotor or oral motor muscle movements are defined as systems that cover an area of ​​the mouth (oral cavity), including the jaw, teeth, tongue, palate, lips and cheeks.Children bicycle poor oral, make a child becomes difficult to speak, and if you can, talking is not clear.

“The low oral movement, increasingly associated with speech. In children a movement of poor oral bike before the age of two years, it will be difficult to talk. This suggests that the oral motor skills are both necessary to support the child’s speech, “he said.

Review of speech skills of children can be made to the pediatrician to determine if there is hearing loss or functions around the mouth.

“Usually the pediatrician will be an approximate projection. After the pediatrician, if found there was interference, it will be referred to a child’s development. From a child’s development of new expert medical rehabilitation and speech therapy, “he said.

The ability to speak the child must also be improved with continuous stimulation at home, on the recommendation of a physician.

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How to Make Children Want to Eat Vegetables /how-to-make-children-want-to-eat-vegetables.html /how-to-make-children-want-to-eat-vegetables.html#comments Thu, 16 Dec 2010 08:44:57 +0000 qhiqy /?p=221
Vegetables are an important food for consumption. Children must also be willing to consume these foods. However, tend tastes tasteless, difficult to ask children to consume. What can you do to make your child want to eat? According to the researchers is easy enough; smile while eating.

Quoted by Reuters, a group of French scientists doing research on the reactions of adults and children in the perceived image of people who were eating. The results, said that the way adults with young children assess the object of people eat differently.

Adults to assess the proportion of food through the body of the room. If existing models in the photo is a large body, the respondents would reject if given the same food as the one pictured. On the contrary, if the slim model, respondents tend to be interested. While the children how to judge a photo contains a person eats has a more complex reaction.

If food is in the picture and offered to children who were accomplices of the respondents, such as chocolate, no matter their body size of the model, who would be willing to accept the food. If food is in the photo is not her favorite food, body size of the model was very influential, which increasingly will be rejected if the pattern of body fat.

Not only that, it was an expression of people who are taking food also affects the child’s curiosity to try a meal. Photos of people who eat with happy expressions and not managed to get kids interested in trying the food, body shape does not matter they eat.By contrast, pictures of people eating with the expression of displeasure with the same foods that children are reluctant to try.

That is, for adults, body size eaters have an influence on the direction of adults to consume. As children, the need for expression and type of food to persuade the child willing to try certain foods, and factors of body size which is only a little effect.

According to Sylvie Rousset, representatives of these scientists, the results of this research beyond their expectations, because there is no study that says that an expression of others affect the curiosity of children. From these results, according to Rousset, parents can take advantage of that by eating healthy foods, try taking it with an expression of happy and liked the food.

“Despite a person’s eating habits are quite complex, but these studies can reveal differences in psychosocial factors that shape children’s attitudes toward food and eating habits of the long term,” said Rousset.

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