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Green Technology is a Way to Go

Government and NGOs nowadays work at their best to promote the awareness of the nature preservation and global warming issues. All of the actions such as global warming campaigns and global warming education are being aimed to citizen and to increase their will from within to combat global warming.

The idea of campaign and awareness are great but there is something that people need to do in order to combat global warming by doing tangible action like using green technology. The scientist has been creating much green technology since 1999 and most of it went really well. The best products are the solar car port.

Solar car port’s purpose is place to recharge the electronic car using the electricity power from the heat of the sun. This is like the energy provided by the solar panels which basically vey safe for environment and cut off regular electricity demand to combat global warming.

Cholesterol Lowering Drink

Bad cholesterol it should not be stacked because it is dangerous to health. However, business was not easy to lower cholesterol. In addition to reducing the intake of foods containing fat and exercise, several types of drinks are also effective for lowering cholesterol.

- Lemon juice or a glass of warm water fed lemon juice. This drink is good for maintaining a healthy heart and lower cholesterol.According to the American Dietetic Association, limonoids in the lemon that cause a bitter taste in citrus useful for lowering cholesterol. In the liver, cholesterol is made from a material called apolipoprotein B and triglycerides. One type limonoids, namely limonin, working to slow the production of apolipoprotein and triglycerides earlier.

Lemon is also rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. In the Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, reported that vitamin C than lemons after consumption for 30 days to lower cholesterol significantly.

- Grape juice or red wine (wine) is very rich in antioxidants, which will help increase HDL.
Research conducted in 2004 by Dr. Jane Freedman of Boston University Medical School showed that drinking grape juice in 14 consecutive days would raise HDL and lower levels of total cholesterol.

- Soy milk contains protein can help lower total cholesterol.

- Juice of using garlic is also good for cholesterol shed.
Studies at Munich University, Germany, found that adding garlic to the diet will lower bad cholesterol about 10 percent in four months.Eating fresh garlic is often a problem for many people because of poor taste and aroma sting. In order to more easily get into our bodies, garlic can dikreasikan with delicious fruit, the juice is rich in benefits.

he black chocolate lower cholesterol?

Antioxidants in dark chocolate (chocolate black) has long been known to have significant benefits for the heart. The latest research reveals black chocolate can reduce cholesterol levels in people with diabetes mellitus.

People with diabetes often have elevated cholesterol levels. It is known that high blood cholesterol is one factor that makes a person affected by heart disease and stroke. A study by the University of Hull, found that people with diabetes who ate dark chocolate reduces cholesterol levels.
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