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Pressure Ulcers: when skin necrosis

Pressure ulcers are lesions that affect patients bedridden, naturally heal within a few months. Only one operation can accelerate healing. The decubitus ulcer is a pressure, if too hard tissue between tablet time (a bed or chair) and a bony prominence are occurring.

If zone compressed redness appears on the surface of the skin. Crushing pressure vessel into the deep. The blood watered several tissues, which eventually runs out of oxygen, as tissue hypoxia. If this continues, the tissues that need more oxygen, such as muscle and fat, die and become necrotic. Continue reading

ovarian cysts

This is a fairly common problem, and that 5% of women will develop ovarian cysts during their life.

A cyst is a mass that may be abnormal, often is a bag, the contents are liquid. There are different types of ovarian cysts. The ovary contains birth data, a number of file oocytes. Each is wound into a pouch, called a follicle. At the beginning of each cycle the ovaries causes the growth of a dozen follicles while producing estrogen. Getting on the fourteenth day of the cycle, follicles larger, more mature, will be deported to the trunk at the time of ovulation. If pregnancy does not occur, the egg is removed and the rules. Continue reading

Children are less likely to bring Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic disease caused by a deficiency of blood coagulation factors. Hemophilia A occurs when. An anomaly in the gene for the absence of coagulation factor VIII (FVII) Meanwhile hemophilia B caused by a deficiency of coagulation factor IX (FIX). Hemophilia A and B are indistinguishable, since they have similar clinical appearance and a similar pattern of inheritance of genes. The disease is not contagious, but it is difficult to cure or life. Continue reading

8 The disease is characterized Tingling

Most people never experience tingling when sitting with legs crossed for too long or fall asleep with his head crushed. This condition also occurs when the pressure on the nerve that goes well. However, the anesthesia disappear when the pressure is gone.

Pins can also indicate a large number of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pinched nerves, reduced blood flow in the peripheral blood vessels and blood disorders. There are times when people who are not known to have diabetes, tingling can be an early symptom of diabetes are known.

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9 Ways of Dealing with Gout

Gout is a disease that attacks the joints and tendons due to deposition of urate crystals. Lots of urate crystals is due to deposits of uric acid over time to form crystals in joints and tendons exposed, resulting in inflammation.

Uric acid has similar signs of arthritis, the pain is, the joints, especially the big toe, which then spread to the joints of the foot.Generally, people aged 35 years and more prone to this disease.

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