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Limit Flu Drug Consumption During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a mother’s candidate should be more careful when taking the drug, including drug-free. One of the medications should be limited cold and coughmedicines.

The researchers cautioned different types of cough and cold medicines may containsubstances harmful to fetal growth. Furthermore, no studies that accurately statesthe safety of flu drugs in pregnant women.

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Drug Side Effects, complained of Breast Cancer Patients

Nearly one third of breast cancer patients stop treatmentbecause of drug side effects. In fact, the drug needed to reduce the level of estrogen that fuels tumor come back to decrease.

Side effects the patient complained of pain in the joints includefalls the heat (hot flushes), weight gain and nausea. Drugconsumption in general is kind of an aromatase inhibitor forestrogen-sensitive breast cancer.

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Because Impotence Drug Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection duringsexual activity as well. The company used to be called impotence.Sometimes, several types of drugs consumed worsen theseconditions.

Overall, the cause of erectile dysfunction are divided into twofactors, psychological and organic. Psychic usually associated withboredom, stress, loss of sexual attraction or sexual trauma.

While organic causes are usually caused by certain diseases,such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or prostate problems. The drugs also affected.

Medications can cause side effects usually are impotence drug forhypertension, antidepressants, drugs to deal with prostate cancer, the drug is a diuretic (increases the frequency of urination),hormonal drugs, drugs and constriction blood vessels.

The habit of taking strong medications can also make a realimpotence. Therefore, be careful not to treat impotence withoutconsulting a doctor.

If drugs are consumed caused the problem in his vital organs, tellyour doctor or seek to change the dose of other substitute drugs.

Antibiotics can cause allergies

Besides side effects, a number of people who experience allergic reactions after taking antibiotics. If someone had known previously allergic to certain antibiotics, it certainly will not be given to these antibiotics.

Allergic reactions caused may vary. The most common is itching or hives. Dangerous, if there is edema, or swelling of the throat that makes someone like suffocation.

Other reactions, there is a trigger asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath. Other serious reactions are Steven Johnson syndrome, which causes the entire surface of the patient’s skin inflamed. Even then emerge as chickenpox blisters all over his body. If this occurs, the patient should be treated immediately, because the situation was an emergency. However, the most extreme anaphylactic shock appears to lead to death.
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Found, drugs to reduce HIV risk

Antiretroviral drugs or ARV commonly used to reduce the amount of virus in patients with HIV are developed to prevent HIV transmission, especially among gay and bisexual men.

Truvada, a drug, a combination of two classes of antiretrovirals. The drug is manufactured by a California pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences. In one trial is known that this drug may reduce risk of HIV transmission by 44 percent.
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Source of stomach fat

Abdominal fat in fact everyone has this. However, in some people, eliminate belly fat stack must be done with an uphill battle. In fact, after a workout, fat cell still would not go.

If this is what we experience, determine whether the fourth leading cause of belly fat is still around us? Because if so, do not be thinking, let us help!
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