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During pregnancy a mother’s candidate should be more careful when taking the drug, including drug-free. One of the medications should be limited cold and coughmedicines.

The researchers cautioned different types of cough and cold medicines may containsubstances harmful to fetal growth. Furthermore, no studies that accurately statesthe safety of flu drugs in pregnant women.

It is best to use the doctor to determine which medications are safe for pregnantwomen. The following guidelines can help you take cold medicine.

- Reduce the minimum

OTC cough and flu medicines contain at least six types of chemicals to deal withdifferent symptoms of flu such as cough, colds and headaches. If possible choose amedicine containing the active substance with a specific complaint ago.

- Beware of decongestant drugs

Consumption of relief medication nose (decongestants) are taken in the firsttrimester of pregnancy should be avoided. Research suggests that these drugsincrease the risk of congenital abnormalities of the fetus. As an alternative to drug use drops or spray into the airways.

- Herbs are not always safe

Today, many medications that contain herbs. Although not necessarily made ​​fromvegetable ingredients are safe for pregnancy, as these drugs generally have not been scientifically studied.

- Choose a drug-free alcohol

When choosing a cough medicine to look for drugs that no alcohol.

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Drug Side Effects, complained of Breast Cancer Patients /drug-side-effects-complained-of-breast-cancer-patients.html /drug-side-effects-complained-of-breast-cancer-patients.html#comments Mon, 12 Dec 2011 14:39:38 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1440

Nearly one third of breast cancer patients stop treatmentbecause of drug side effects. In fact, the drug needed to reduce the level of estrogen that fuels tumor come back to decrease.

Side effects the patient complained of pain in the joints includefalls the heat (hot flushes), weight gain and nausea. Drugconsumption in general is kind of an aromatase inhibitor forestrogen-sensitive breast cancer.

In a study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University in686 patients, 36 percent of women choose to stop their treatmentbecause of reasons against the side effects of drugs.

Patients involved in the study completed a questionnaire for quality of life and experience symptoms associated with cancertherapy evaluation. They asked the symptoms before treatmentand after 3 months, 12 and 24 of treatment.

After three months, one third of the patients experienced pain in the joints, 28 percent suffered a stroke in the face, and 24 percent claimed that his passion to decrease. The longer the therapy is done, the observed effects.

Those who stopped taking medication before the recommendedperiod of 5 years, patients still suffer from side effects ofchemotherapy or radiotherapy. As a result of medication sideeffects, 10 percent of women stop taking the medication within 2 years and 26 percent to close in the fourth year.

The patients also said that there are differences betweenphysicians with an explanation of side effects they feel. ”The doctors seem to underestimate the observed side effects of drugs,” said Dr.Lynne Wagner, who conducted the study.

In fact, stop treatment earlier can be dangerous. Therefore, patients should be advised to seek medical advice if you want to stop taking the medication.

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Because Impotence Drug Side Effects /because-impotence-drug-side-effects.html /because-impotence-drug-side-effects.html#comments Sat, 23 Apr 2011 13:04:55 +0000 qhiqy /?p=273

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection duringsexual activity as well. The company used to be called impotence.Sometimes, several types of drugs consumed worsen theseconditions.

Overall, the cause of erectile dysfunction are divided into twofactors, psychological and organic. Psychic usually associated withboredom, stress, loss of sexual attraction or sexual trauma.

While organic causes are usually caused by certain diseases,such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or prostate problems. The drugs also affected.

Medications can cause side effects usually are impotence drug forhypertension, antidepressants, drugs to deal with prostate cancer, the drug is a diuretic (increases the frequency of urination),hormonal drugs, drugs and constriction blood vessels.

The habit of taking strong medications can also make a realimpotence. Therefore, be careful not to treat impotence withoutconsulting a doctor.

If drugs are consumed caused the problem in his vital organs, tellyour doctor or seek to change the dose of other substitute drugs.

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Keep the Conditions to Avoid Impotence /keep-the-conditions-to-avoid-impotence.html /keep-the-conditions-to-avoid-impotence.html#comments Wed, 13 Oct 2010 02:03:51 +0000 qhiqy /?p=105 Along with age, a man requires more time and more stimulation to get an erection. Of course, anyone can become anxiety and depression due to loss of the ability of their genitals. However, in fact, much can be done to try to get that experience impotence.

Here are some tips to keep the vital tools that can continue to function properly.

- Pay attention to food intake
The food is bad for the heart, so bad a result of erectile capacity. Research shows eating patterns that interfere with blood flow to the coronary arteries, less fiber and high in fat, it also disrupts the flow of blood to the genitals. Blood flow was necessary to make the penis is not slow.

- Maintain weight
Obesity can cause many health problems, including diabetes, which can damage nerves throughout the body. When the nerves are exposed in the vicinity of the reproductive organs, the result is impotence. Therefore, maintain your ideal weight. The study also showed excess weight can cause a decrease in penis length.

- Avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol
High levels of cholesterol or hypertension can damage blood vessels, including the part that carries blood to the penis. Often, this led to impotence. Regularly check your cholesterol and blood pressure. When considering high, immediately reducing the effort.

- Reduce alcohol
In fact there has been no research that says that consumption of alcohol on a moderate scale and minor may impair erection. However, the mania for long-term drinking can damage the liver, nerves and hormones needed to produce an erection. Alcohol is a depressant that works to reduce glare, including sexual, though.

- Regular exercise
Many studies on the correlation between passive lifestyle or physical inactivity with erectile dysfunction. Sports like running, swimming and other aerobic exercises proven to help men maintain a “macho.” The more fit your body, the more often you can have sex.

- Avoid Steroids
Drugs are classified as anabolic steroids are often used by athletes or people who want to increase muscle. These drugs can affect the testicles to produce testosterone.

- Stop smoking
Smoking can damage blood vessels and disrupt blood flow to the penis. The nicotine in cigarettes also causes contraction of blood vessels leading to the interruption of blood flow to the penis.

- Stay away from stress
Psychological stress increases levels of the hormone adrenaline, which can make blood vessels constrict. Therefore, manage stress and activities to relax the mind and emotions.

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Antibiotics can cause allergies /antibiotics-can-cause-allergies.html /antibiotics-can-cause-allergies.html#comments Sun, 01 Aug 2010 14:39:05 +0000 qhiqy /?p=56 Besides side effects, a number of people who experience allergic reactions after taking antibiotics. If someone had known previously allergic to certain antibiotics, it certainly will not be given to these antibiotics.

Allergic reactions caused may vary. The most common is itching or hives. Dangerous, if there is edema, or swelling of the throat that makes someone like suffocation.

Other reactions, there is a trigger asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath. Other serious reactions are Steven Johnson syndrome, which causes the entire surface of the patient’s skin inflamed. Even then emerge as chickenpox blisters all over his body. If this occurs, the patient should be treated immediately, because the situation was an emergency. However, the most extreme anaphylactic shock appears to lead to death.

penicillin group of antibiotics referred to by Dr.J.Hudyono, MS.Sp.Ok often cause allergies. Therefore, physicians more willing to penicillin when the patient was in hospital having the tools to emergencies.

Taking into account the possible side effects, including allergic reactions and damage resistant, Dr.Hudyono giving advice before taking antibiotics.

1. The consumption of antibiotics as prescribed by doctors for both dose and duration.

2. Include all the information your doctor if you have a history of allergy to antibiotics.

3. Do not take the initiative to use antibiotics on their own will because of the disease is not necessarily the same as the above diseases.

4. Do not give antibiotics to family members while their cases are very similar. Antibiotics are not necessarily appropriate for them. Especially if family members have allergies that could endanger themselves.

5. Do not request antibiotics to doctors. Remember, antibiotics used for bacterial infections, not viral infections. So if the flu caused by viruses, does not need antibiotics.

6. Changing the mindset of any disease, if not given antibiotics can not cure. The truth is that antibiotics are used in accordance with the bacteria that infected him.

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Found, drugs to reduce HIV risk /found-drugs-to-reduce-hiv-risk.html /found-drugs-to-reduce-hiv-risk.html#comments Fri, 30 Jul 2010 14:31:03 +0000 qhiqy /?p=53 Antiretroviral drugs or ARV commonly used to reduce the amount of virus in patients with HIV are developed to prevent HIV transmission, especially among gay and bisexual men.

Truvada, a drug, a combination of two classes of antiretrovirals. The drug is manufactured by a California pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences. In one trial is known that this drug may reduce risk of HIV transmission by 44 percent.

The study included nearly 2,500 gay and bisexual men in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand and the United States. They were randomly assigned to the pill Truvada and the rest received a placebo. All study participants were also given condoms and advice on safe sex.

After four years of study, researchers found that the drug was effective enough to reduce the transmission rate in the group receiving Truvada pill by 44 percent. Those who take the pill regularly estimates the risk of infection can be reduced to 73 percent.

However, the question arises about the results of research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Most experts rate, decreased rate of infection can be caused by the use of condoms in the group that received the pills. Experts also said the price is quite expensive the pill, which is $ 36 U.S. (Approximately 300,000 USD) a day, this pill will not be consumed by many people.

Responding to questions, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the studies are random and this drug is as an adjunct in the prevention of HIV. “Condoms and faithful sexual partners is the primary means of prevention,” he said.

He explained that the purpose of this research is to add the defense system in preventing HIV infection and does not replace what is available now. “It is important to increase prevention efforts, especially in high-risk groups,” he said.

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Source of stomach fat /source-of-stomach-fat.html /source-of-stomach-fat.html#comments Mon, 05 Jul 2010 13:53:25 +0000 qhiqy /?p=42 Abdominal fat in fact everyone has this. However, in some people, eliminate belly fat stack must be done with an uphill battle. In fact, after a workout, fat cell still would not go.

If this is what we experience, determine whether the fourth leading cause of belly fat is still around us? Because if so, do not be thinking, let us help!

Reason 1: The host-fat foods.
We believe that all the food that goes into your mouth will be directly proportional to the intensity of exercise to do. So, if we are still puzzled by what you do not want to lose belly fat, look at the amount of sugar we consume.

When it comes to sugar, many kinds, ranging from pure sugar, sugar refinerasi until the sugars present in food or drink us. To avoid this, we have to replace them crispier food. In addition to sugar, there are foods made from flour such as bread, pasta, brown rice. These foods cause gas to enter the large intestine. This then makes us feel bloated stomach.

Furthermore, these foods are rich in carbohydrates, once again converted into glucose or sugar when it enters the body. If we do not complete the exercise, the process will be slower than the breakdown of glucose is stored as fat in the muscle.

Cause 2: carbonated beverages.
Soft drinks are beverages containing carbon dioxide. The gas entering the stomach will slow the digestion of food to be piled into fat.

Cause 3: Never do weight training.
University of Pennsylvania studied 164 women who responded. Based on the weight lifting exercise intensity is concluded, respondents are 2 times a week doing weight training for the contraction of 1 hour to 15 per cent of abdominal fat than those without full weight training. Not only that, they are lifting weights also managed to reduce the total amount of fat in the body as much as 4 percent.

Cause 4: Sit-ups are wrong.
In fact, just the standard abdominal if we do well will be of great benefit to the erosion of the fat in the stomach. When he raised his head, shoulders back and make sure we move in a straight motion. Lift your head as you can and feel the stomach to contract.

Remember, do not lift your head with your hand. However, push the shoulders up and put both hands behind the ears. Hold for a few minutes, then returned to the lying position slowly to avoid injury.

We will improve our diet and exercise do not allow the accumulation of abdominal fat is too long.

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