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Get Smart Phone from Apple

Apparently, when we are talking about mobile phone at this recent time, we should also be talking about the smart phone. Well, this kind of phone has become some kind of trend.

Tons of people choose to have the smart phone by considering the great features that they can enjoy. Yes, indeed, one of the examples that you can also do is to buy Apple iPhone. This kind of smart phone is one of the most popular recently.

iPhone has become the leading smart phone because there are so many great things that you can do with this phone. Countless applications can be installed in such phone and thus, you can enjoy great time by using it.

Change Fat Evil So Companions

Scientists say they managed to find a way to convert body fat in the type of good fat you can burn calories and lose weight.

The team of scientists from Johns Hopkins of the United States that progress against rats in the laboratory. They believe the same can be done in humans for future solutions will be found to overcome obesity.

By modifying the expression of proteins associated with appetite, the movement not only succeeded in reducing calorie intake, but also the transformation of the composition of fatty rats. Continue reading

he black chocolate lower cholesterol?

Antioxidants in dark chocolate (chocolate black) has long been known to have significant benefits for the heart. The latest research reveals black chocolate can reduce cholesterol levels in people with diabetes mellitus.

People with diabetes often have elevated cholesterol levels. It is known that high blood cholesterol is one factor that makes a person affected by heart disease and stroke. A study by the University of Hull, found that people with diabetes who ate dark chocolate reduces cholesterol levels.
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Children not allowed low-fat diet

Children still need lots of fat to support growth. “Therefore, there should be a low-fat diet,” says nutritionist, Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, Sp.GK. Still, does not mean that parents give children free of saturated fat, no limit. Choose good fats for children, which is monounsaturated fat and doubles. For example, removing the skin from chicken meat given to the child.
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Source of stomach fat

Abdominal fat in fact everyone has this. However, in some people, eliminate belly fat stack must be done with an uphill battle. In fact, after a workout, fat cell still would not go.

If this is what we experience, determine whether the fourth leading cause of belly fat is still around us? Because if so, do not be thinking, let us help!
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