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9 Food “Eats” Skin

Who says that wrinkles and black spots could only be removed with a cream or cosmetic plastic surgery. We think it is beautiful and youthful from the inside by eating healthy foods. May be all the food, the “food” for the skin?

1. Beans
Nuts are rich in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are a rich source of essential nutrients to your skin as it works to protect the skin by forming a membrane-rich fluid in the skin.Regular consumption of nuts makes the skin moist and flexible so that the arrival of wrinkles can be slowed.
Sources: walnuts, pecans, almonds and hazelnuts.

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Fry Healthy Tricks

Fry is the best way of cooking is not recommended by most experts in nutrition, it adds to the fat content in foods. So what then we have to stop eating fresh fried, crispy and tasty?

It seems impossible for most of us, especially the pristine language Indonesia. I do not feel so bad, we will follow the tricks.Therefore, you can bite the kemripik fried without accumulating bad fats and excess calories in the body.

Kriuuukkkk ……

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Healthy Food for Your Sex

Force libido food as a source of energy has been known for centuries. The brand Casanova, who first knew oysters could make a lover-lover arouses sexual desire.

In Greek and Roman culture and fruits often festive and exotic dishes before sexual pleasure. In fact it is often said that good food is a quick way to win over her lover. Not always dreamed of a romantic dinner out for the first time? Food and nutrients contained in it plays an important role in sexual relationships. The quality of our diet is closely related to the quality of our sexual relationship. A healthy and nutritious food increase libido, revive sexual relationships and improve overall health, especially if the food is presented in a sensual.

Healthy foods lovemaking
Fruits and vegetables was very important role in sex life is beautiful. Complex carbohydrates such as wheat and oats, as well as simple protein without the fat in nuts is a meal that is also important in the life of sex. healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits that are nutritionally beneficial for maximum power and body condition. All this is very important to make love.

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