Healthy Life Tips » Fruits Achieve Perfect Health for Your Life Sun, 15 Jul 2012 13:48:03 +0000 en hourly 1 Fruits and vegetables is a poison scraper /fruits-and-vegetables-is-a-poison-scraper.html /fruits-and-vegetables-is-a-poison-scraper.html#comments Mon, 15 Nov 2010 10:29:34 +0000 qhiqy /?p=123 Fruits and vegetables can help reduce and eliminate toxins from the body (detoxification). If you have less to eat two of these foods, you immediately change your daily menu.

There are some vegetables and fruits lead to the successful process of detoxification in the body. These include :

1. Broccoli for the heart
Like the cabbage, and watercress, broccoli also contain ingredients to improve the super glutathione. This enzyme helps your liver to detoxify pesticides and the protection and the fight against toxins and Pulutan.

2. Garlic for intestinal
The sulfur compounds in garlic are able to eliminate toxins, viruses, bacteria and parasites in the intestines.

3. Avocado for liver
Avocados are one of the few foods that contain glutathione and very well carried detox plan.

4. Parsley for kidney
Parsley is rich in potassium. This herb helps eliminate toxins and acids in the kidney. Parsley is widely used as decorative material for food.

5. Kale for lung
Kale contain supernutrient known as PEITC. Also found in radish plants. These compounds taste bitter and powerful tool in the fight against snuff smoke that cause cancer.

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Pineapple, Relieve Sore Throat /pineapple-relieve-sore-throat.html /pineapple-relieve-sore-throat.html#comments Wed, 10 Nov 2010 10:19:58 +0000 qhiqy /?p=119 The pineapple is a fruit that grows in fresh tropical areas. Fresh sweet flavor, especially if selected in the mature state.

Enjoy a glass of fresh pineapple juice flavor will take you to the pleasure of sitting on the beach sunbathing.

The pineapple is a fruit full of minerals, potassium, choline, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, iron, calcium and iodine. Have plenty of vitamins such as vitamin C and are an excellent source of bromelain, an enzyme that helps digestion.

Bromelain has also been known to cure a sore throat and soothe the throat. ready to eat pineapple is a pineapple and a strong smell of sweet, fat and big. The leaves should be easily removed, the skin should be dark gold.

Tips to make pineapple juice:
Cut the top and bottom cleaning, but to make sure that the skin clean organic pineapple in vain. sliced meat and fruit including seeds fall into the blender.

If you want to eat right, cut lengthwise and remove the seeds until they are clean.

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Soy prevent breast cancer recurrence /soy-prevent-breast-cancer-recurrence.html /soy-prevent-breast-cancer-recurrence.html#comments Wed, 22 Sep 2010 01:16:41 +0000 qhiqy /?p=89

A diet rich in soy isoflavones, is thought to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence, especially in survivors of breast cancer.

The experts found the breast cancer survivors who have entered menopause and regularly consume soy isoflavones, from 42.3 milligrams per day have a lower risk of cancer recurrence than those who eat soy in smaller portions or 15.2 mg per day.

The links between the components of soy and breast cancer is unclear, but researchers believe that isoflavones affect levels of estrogen in the body. However, other studies show the opposite effect, isoflavones actually increase the risk of breast cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, United States, more than 12 percent of women born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Experts suspect that one of them is influenced by diet.

Americans rarely eat soy. Only 37 percent consume soy foods or drinks several times a month. Meanwhile, in Asia, a protein derived from soy in the diet.

For several years, experts continue to explore the benefits of soy for health, particularly cancer. Previous research shows soy isoflavones, namely genistein could inhibit the effects of tamoxifen (hormone replacement therapy drug in menopausal women) and promote the growth of estrogen-positive resepstor.

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Avocado, healthy fat source /avocado-healthy-fat-source.html /avocado-healthy-fat-source.html#comments Sun, 12 Sep 2010 01:14:11 +0000 qhiqy /?p=86 Many people who want to lose weight away from the avocado fruit. In fact, avocado is a fruit high in fat, about 16 percent. However, the fat contained in fact safe and healthy, even. That’s because 63 percent of the constituent elements are unsaturated fatty acids, especially monounsaturated fatty acids.

According to experts, the food is more effective in reducing the fats monounsaturated fatty acids (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) and avocado. In addition to helping lose weight, a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are also able to eliminate fat in the abdominal area. The efficacy of avocado others is no less great is the cholesterol, prevent clogging of blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

In the 100 grams of avocado also contained about 300 to 400 IU of vitamin A and about 165 micrograms of beta carotene. It also contains thiamin, niacin and riboflavon, classified as vitamin B complex Avocado vitamin C levels are also very good, about 14 mg per 100 grams of avocado.

For those of you who have problems with digestion, foods rich in fiber, of course, highly recommended. You can get from eating avocados. Avocado is also high in fiber is 1.6 g. grams/100 is useful to help the digestive system and remove traces of toxic digestion.

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Omega-3 and Omega-6 should be balanced /omega-3-and-omega-6-should-be-balanced.html /omega-3-and-omega-6-should-be-balanced.html#comments Fri, 02 Jul 2010 13:38:07 +0000 qhiqy /?p=38 Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 were found to have related functions. Both work together to maintain healthy skin, nails, hair, hormones, relieve asthma symptoms and prevent cell damage in people with cancer.

“All these positive benefits can be obtained, if the proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and 6 balanced. The proportion of so-called balanced, experts are still different opinions. Some say that 2.5 to 1, the rate of 2.5 omega-6 and 1, omega-3 fatty acids. We must also say 4 to 1, “said Emma Wirakusumah, M. Sc, a nutritionist at the IPB.

Although intended to be complementary, in fact, omega-3 and omega-6 are also competing. Omega-6 is the suspected cause of inflation, while the omega-3 is believed to prevent inflation. So the victory is in “hands” omega-3, we have to multiply consumption. On the other hand, omega-3 can only be obtained from sources outside the body, such as:

1. Green
For example, beans and potatoes. Omega-3 in plant form is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In the body, ALA is converted to EPA and DHA.

2. Organic meat
Cows that eat grass to produce meat, milk and cheese are rich in omega-3 compared to the food supply cattle or grow corn. Similarly, chickens fed the vegetable mixture.

3. Fish
If we are eating a low omega-6, the consumption of two servings of fish a week is enough. But if our diet high in omega-6 fatty acids we eat more than 2 servings of fish and vegetables is increasing.

Meanwhile, there are several steps to reduce the omega-6
1. Replace normal cereals containing flaxseed.
2. Avoid junk food as it is usually high in omega-6 fatty acids
3. Select chips fries in canola oil instead of normal cooking oil.
4. Avoid margarine.
5. Eating nuts
6. Make it a habit to check labels before buying food packaging. Avoid hydrogenated oil content (oil that is processed with high pressure hydrogen)
7. It recommends the consumption of marine fish farming rather than freshwater fish. In general, fish fed with corn or soybeans processed water.

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