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Headache, Body Signs Less Fluids

There are many things a person to headaches to experience a sudden change in diet (eating), too much sleep, stress, long hours of work cause, forgetting to eat, drink, TV in a dark room to view or using a computer for long periods without a break. However, many people do not realize that the real headache is a symptom ofdehydration.
In addition to oxygen, water is the key element needed for human survival. Can wesurvive without food for nearly two months, but without water, only a few days. Most people do not know how much water should be obtained. In fact, many of them live in a state of dehydration.

4 Identify Food Headache Triggers

Headaches or migraines are the most common form of the disease and experienced by everyone. Many factors can trigger headaches, such as sinusitis, stress and mental tension. But did you know that diet or the consumption of certain foods is also an important contribution to this condition.

Dr Sunita Dube diet experts agree with the opinion that the foods can cause headaches. ”In addition to family history of migraines and stress, food can account for 30 percent as a cause of migraines. However, other conditions such as hormonal changes, stress, sleep habits, and depression, but a higher percentage is,” he said .

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