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9 Potions Overcome Hepatitis

If this does not help, inflammation of the liver, which is popularly known as hepatitis cause death. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver tissue. The disease is known as liver disease or jaundice. However, the duration of this confusion because not all jaundice jaundice caused by liver inflammation.

Of the many factors that the virus was first ranked as the cause of most disease hepatitis. Others may be caused by bacteria, parasites, drugs, chemicals that damage the liver, alcohol, worms, or poor nutrition.

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Fish Therapeutic Potential Spread of Hepatitis and HIV

Therapy of the fish were condemned to make the blood flow and cure various diseases showed the potential for viral hepatitis andHIV spread.
This is the opinion of some scientists England or the Health Protection Agency (HPA), as quoted by The Straits Times,Wednesday (10/19/2011). In his research, found that fish actuallyimmune therapy of sensitive risk of transmission of viral infectionsweaken.