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Find Your Perfect Date

Saturday night is the moment we all waiting for. We could go with our date, have a dinner at a fine restaurant or just see a movie in the theater. If you don’t have yourself a date, don’t worry. You could find the date of your dream on many dating sites.

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So now you don’t have to be so gloomy on Saturday night. Grab your laptop or PC and find your perfect date to make your night become more exciting and memorable.

Sleep Dangers Overstated

We know it’s hard to sleep or commonly known as insomnia are not good for health. Similarly with the “enemy”, ie, sleeping too much (excessive sleeping) or hypersomnia, is just as harmful to the body.

Although sleep is an activity that must be met to help the process of rejuvenation of the body, if done excessively, will give a negative impact on health. Experts also recommend against sleeping more than nine hours per night.

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Where’s Most Outstanding Healthy Sleep?

Sleep is very important for health. In the middle are well aware that health is influenced by two factors related to the quality and quantity of sleep.

But probably not many are aware that sleep position also help determine health. According to experts, about 95 percent of men have always slept in the same position every night. Not surprisingly, when the sleeping position that never changes, a person may be prone to certain diseases.

The following is a ± a sleep position for the study of health experts:

1. Recovery Position
This position is called the recovery position due to common use in emergency situations or medical emergencies. According to Professor Jim Horne of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University in England, this position may help relieve digestive disorders, especially acid reflux (acid reflux) and to relieve the airway.
The primary key for this position is to tilt the body to the left. A study of patients with heartburn (burning sensation in the stomach or chest) in the Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, USA found sleeping on his right side to make a slower gastric acid up into the esophagus, so that those who sleep on their right side more often now promising.
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