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Keep Reminisce with Old Friends /keep-reminisce-with-old-friends.html /keep-reminisce-with-old-friends.html#comments Tue, 01 May 2012 15:37:59 +0000 qhiqy /?p=1810 One day, you remember your old friends, but you lose their phone numbers, whereas you want to communicate with them. Well, you must have experienced it. If you did not have any contact that can connect with your old friends, what would you do? You should not despair about it. With the development of internet technologies, you can search people easily. You may be wonder, how possible internet could store lots of data from around the world? However, that is true. You will not be hassle to find people’s phone number or email address. So, meet and keep reminisce with old friends.

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Dandelion Beautiful and Healthy Heart /dandelion-beautiful-and-healthy-heart.html /dandelion-beautiful-and-healthy-heart.html#comments Sat, 20 Nov 2010 10:36:15 +0000 qhiqy /?p=127 Perhaps not many know that dandelion flowers are not only beautiful, but effective in relieving inflammation and infection of the liver, bile and spleen.

Dandelion is a plant that are diuretic (urine laxative) the safest and most active.

Preliminary investigations in 2008 by scientists at the University of Maryland Medical Center showed the dandelion root is very useful to improve the function of liver and gallbladder. It is also useful as an appetite stimulant and digestion.

Part of the point source of vitamins A, C, D and B complex It also contains the minerals zinc, iron and potassium. This is what makes the Dandelion is useful in repairing organs and serves as an antidote to the poison.

Apart from the roots, leaves a lot of interest also contain beta carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, and vitamin B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6, B-12, C , D, E and P (bioflavonoids).

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Fruits and vegetables is a poison scraper /fruits-and-vegetables-is-a-poison-scraper.html /fruits-and-vegetables-is-a-poison-scraper.html#comments Mon, 15 Nov 2010 10:29:34 +0000 qhiqy /?p=123 Fruits and vegetables can help reduce and eliminate toxins from the body (detoxification). If you have less to eat two of these foods, you immediately change your daily menu.

There are some vegetables and fruits lead to the successful process of detoxification in the body. These include :

1. Broccoli for the heart
Like the cabbage, and watercress, broccoli also contain ingredients to improve the super glutathione. This enzyme helps your liver to detoxify pesticides and the protection and the fight against toxins and Pulutan.

2. Garlic for intestinal
The sulfur compounds in garlic are able to eliminate toxins, viruses, bacteria and parasites in the intestines.

3. Avocado for liver
Avocados are one of the few foods that contain glutathione and very well carried detox plan.

4. Parsley for kidney
Parsley is rich in potassium. This herb helps eliminate toxins and acids in the kidney. Parsley is widely used as decorative material for food.

5. Kale for lung
Kale contain supernutrient known as PEITC. Also found in radish plants. These compounds taste bitter and powerful tool in the fight against snuff smoke that cause cancer.

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Pineapple, Relieve Sore Throat /pineapple-relieve-sore-throat.html /pineapple-relieve-sore-throat.html#comments Wed, 10 Nov 2010 10:19:58 +0000 qhiqy /?p=119 The pineapple is a fruit that grows in fresh tropical areas. Fresh sweet flavor, especially if selected in the mature state.

Enjoy a glass of fresh pineapple juice flavor will take you to the pleasure of sitting on the beach sunbathing.

The pineapple is a fruit full of minerals, potassium, choline, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, iron, calcium and iodine. Have plenty of vitamins such as vitamin C and are an excellent source of bromelain, an enzyme that helps digestion.

Bromelain has also been known to cure a sore throat and soothe the throat. ready to eat pineapple is a pineapple and a strong smell of sweet, fat and big. The leaves should be easily removed, the skin should be dark gold.

Tips to make pineapple juice:
Cut the top and bottom cleaning, but to make sure that the skin clean organic pineapple in vain. sliced meat and fruit including seeds fall into the blender.

If you want to eat right, cut lengthwise and remove the seeds until they are clean.

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Asparagus, anticancer and antiaging /asparagus-anticancer-and-antiaging.html /asparagus-anticancer-and-antiaging.html#comments Wed, 27 Oct 2010 02:32:34 +0000 qhiqy /?p=116 Apart from good to eat asparagus plants was also effective for health.
Asparagus the definition of a protein called histones that are believed active in controlling cell growth or cancer prevention.

U.S. National Cancer Institute also reported that asparagus is the food that contain evidence of high glutathione, an antioxidant that is considered one of the most active and powerful in the fight against aging and prevent cancer.

Glutathione is a small protein consisting of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. Glutathione is involved in detoxification. It binds to fat-soluble toxins such as heavy metals, solvents and pesticides. Therefore glutathione provide protection against certain cancers.

Asparagus has proved very useful in curing various types of cancer such as Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes, bladder cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

Also a stud, more is on its contents that contains no fat, low cholesterol and sodium. Asparagus also contains a high level of folic acid and a source of potassium, fiber, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin A and C.

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Avocado, healthy fat source /avocado-healthy-fat-source.html /avocado-healthy-fat-source.html#comments Sun, 12 Sep 2010 01:14:11 +0000 qhiqy /?p=86 Many people who want to lose weight away from the avocado fruit. In fact, avocado is a fruit high in fat, about 16 percent. However, the fat contained in fact safe and healthy, even. That’s because 63 percent of the constituent elements are unsaturated fatty acids, especially monounsaturated fatty acids.

According to experts, the food is more effective in reducing the fats monounsaturated fatty acids (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) and avocado. In addition to helping lose weight, a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are also able to eliminate fat in the abdominal area. The efficacy of avocado others is no less great is the cholesterol, prevent clogging of blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

In the 100 grams of avocado also contained about 300 to 400 IU of vitamin A and about 165 micrograms of beta carotene. It also contains thiamin, niacin and riboflavon, classified as vitamin B complex Avocado vitamin C levels are also very good, about 14 mg per 100 grams of avocado.

For those of you who have problems with digestion, foods rich in fiber, of course, highly recommended. You can get from eating avocados. Avocado is also high in fiber is 1.6 g. grams/100 is useful to help the digestive system and remove traces of toxic digestion.

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Maximize the Power of Anti-Cancer on Broccoli /maximize-the-power-of-anti-cancer-on-broccoli.html /maximize-the-power-of-anti-cancer-on-broccoli.html#comments Fri, 03 Sep 2010 00:57:12 +0000 qhiqy /?p=77

Cooking Broccoli improperly can cause the contents to fight cancer in these greens are lost. However, now is a sure way to maximize the fight against cancer broccoli.

Scientists at the University of Illinois, United States, failed to find a way to maximize the power in the fight against cancer in broccoli. The trick involves heating broccoli in certain temperature limits for the substance sulforaphane call cancer is not lost.

Elizabeth Jeffery discovery made that makes the content of sulforaphane in broccoli increases. Sulforaphane is one of the contents most potent cancer contained in the plant. “The content of this work by increasing the enzyme in the liver to destroy cancer substances that enter the body through food or the environment,” she said.

She explained that, to activate the expense of sulforaphane is quite difficult. Sulforphane is related to the sugar molecule through the sulfur bond. When the broccoli enzymes break down sugar to release proteins sulforphane, sulfur binding sulforphane can pass this and make it inactive.

“Although the bacteria in our gut may be issued sulforphane, but not have the enzymes to release the body’s tissues. Therefore it is best to make these enzymes broccoli,” says the professor of food science and nutrition department.

That’s why she and her team do some heating experiments to find out how the issue sulforphane broccoli enzyme is destroyed.

“The heating time of 10 minutes in temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius is the best time to get the contents of the fight against cancer broccoli. For consumers at home, preferably steamed broccoli for 3-4 minutes until feel a little softer, “she said.

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Children not allowed low-fat diet /children-not-allowed-low-fat-diet.html /children-not-allowed-low-fat-diet.html#comments Mon, 30 Aug 2010 01:45:10 +0000 qhiqy /?p=74 Children still need lots of fat to support growth. “Therefore, there should be a low-fat diet,” says nutritionist, Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, Sp.GK. Still, does not mean that parents give children free of saturated fat, no limit. Choose good fats for children, which is monounsaturated fat and doubles. For example, removing the skin from chicken meat given to the child.

For optimal child development, parents must provide appropriate nutritional needs of children. So how do we know that the nutritional needs and the kids are alright? “Easily, this could be seen by the weight. Nutrition is enough for the body weight once installed. Excess weight and increase the amount of food continues to indicate excessive. The body is too thin to half the amount of food still missing, “she said.

Lately, a few children who just want to eat instant noodle. What about the nutritional needs? “If the noodles only, children only eat carbohydrates. Menu should be a healthy food source of protein and vegetable dishes. Try to eat the noodles with eggs and vegetables. Daily should consist of 60 percent carbohydrates, 15-20 percent of dietary protein, and oil 30 percent, “she said.

Wheat flour noodles, the process of wheat or simple carbohydrates that are less good for health benefits. “People who try to live a healthier choose complex carbohydrates such as wheat or rice,” said Dr. Fiastuti.

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Probiotics reduce diarrhea in children /probiotics-reduce-diarrhea-in-children.html /probiotics-reduce-diarrhea-in-children.html#comments Mon, 30 Aug 2010 00:35:15 +0000 qhiqy /?p=71 Studies on the benefits of probiotics remains with the experts. In recent research, scientists discovered the benefits of these bacteria in children, namely, reducing the duration of diarrhea and prevent diarrhea due to antibiotic use.

Research presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded an investigation of quality. But experts say there is no strong evidence to suggest the use of infant formulas containing probiotics. Probiotics are not recommended for children suffering from serious diseases.

During this time food and beverage manufacturers always claim their products are probiotics nourish the digestive system and boost the immune system. In fact, there has been no research that can accurately demonstrate these claims.

In the latter study of children who received probiotics from the beginning suffered from diarrhea due to viral infection heal more quickly. Probiotics also can prevent diarrhea in children who take antibiotics.

However, children who suffer from immune disorders or use the catheter is not recommended to consume probiotics, which can cause serious infections.

Dr.Tod Cooperman, researchers conducting studies on probiotics, noting that the benefits should be considered again if a probiotic is consumed in a viable state.

“We need to know that organisms in probiotics, either supplements or foods and beverages, often already dead even before the product is labeled,” he said.

In its research products, food and beverages to children probitok only probiotic that contains 21.7 percent of the amount listed on the label. For bacteria to survive, the product should be stored in a protected location, away from heat, light and moisture.

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