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The Benefits of Teleradiology Service

Radiology has long been a common way to observe the inside parts of human body. This imaging technology employs radiation and X-ray to depict those inside parts. Usually, physicians who need to get the image of their patients’ body parts have to visit a hospital or other facilities that are equipped with radiology facility. Today, those physicians don’t have to do such rigorous effort anymore because they can make use of teleradiology services to outsource the radiology task and to get the radiology image delivered to their clinic. This service is thus very beneficial for physicians who establish their medical services in remote areas where access to a healthcare center with radiology facility within is difficult. The most obvious benefits of this service is that it can transmit radiology image over different places around the world.

This service is carried out by transmitting radiology images from a healthcare center with established radiology instruments to another facility that doesn’t have such instruments. Because the service relies highly on transmission, transmitting instruments, including image transmission station, transmission network, and image receiving station is needed. Physicians who are in need of the radiology image of their patients should consult the teleradiologist who has the receiving station.

This service is exceptionally beneficial in the United States. In this country, the number of available radiologists cannot match the number of the needs of radiology service. There are many people who want to get the result of their radiology imaging produced as soon as possible and those radiologists cannot just cope with that demand. That’s the reason why there are many healthcare centers in the United States who decide to send the produced radiology images to radiologists operating in other countries, who aren’t really busy with their job, and ask them to analyze that image and resend it to those healthcare centers.

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