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This is what Happens to the Body of Sleep Day

In the margins of a strenuous activity, nothing is more effective than a nap to restore energy. Although for a while, a nap can improve performance and concentration and yield. So, what happens when we sleep?

Sleepiness during the day is actually caused by a chemical called adenosine sleepiness, which formed in the body throughout the day. If the night before we sleep, can cause high levels of adenosine that we are tired and sleepy during the day.

As with any sleep at night, naps during the repair cells also occurred. However, most do not reach the stage of sleep nap in, unless you feel very tired, you can REM (rapid eye movement) or the phase we are dreaming in the daytime experience.

But REM is too fast can cause us to wake up dizzy before REM sleep do we really need in a long time.

Then, the process of what happens in the body, if we take a nap?

The first five minutes: 
The brains unconsciously, but our senses are still active. Because it is a loud noise or a pat on the skin will immediately awaken us.Then, after blood pressure and heart rate decreases, then our eyes seem to stop moving at all times eyelids sleep.

20 minutes later:
Adenosine accumulation of hormones in the body is broken. At the same time, the adrenal hormone cortisol to prepare that will make us more focused and alert when awake. While the immune system begins to weaken due to exhaustion of the body is renewing itself back to normal.

Last 5 minutes: 
Sounds an alarm that is installed, the brains release of some deadly chemicals in the brains of the sleep center to create. Brain Cells are equipped now more active and alert. Along with the decrease in adenosine hormone, the body feels more fresh.

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