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Tips Clean Vegetables of Pesticide

Undisputed, the importance of plants to physical fitness and healthy. Compared with the cooked vegetables, fresh vegetables, also known as raw vegetables contain more nutrients.Unfortunately, concerns about the content of pesticides has a lot of people are afraid of eating raw vegetables.

Buy organic vegetables reduces the risk of exposure to pesticides, but the price is still quite expensive, and there is a possibility of bacterial contamination of the soil.

There is really no easy way to eliminate pesticides in vegetables, washed with boiled water. Research by a team of experts from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in 2000 found that washing vegetables with boiled water as effective as using a special soap washing vegetables and fruits.
In their research, they compared the method of washing vegetables with a special soap to wash with boiled water. The result, when washed with boiled December 9 pesticides in fruits and vegetables successfully removed.
Research shows that some chemicals from pesticides are not lost due to leaching. Dirty water sources can also lead to contamination of the bacteria that cause infectious diseases such as typhus.

To kill microorganisms, you can use dish soap containing 10 percent vinegar. Research in 2003 showed a solution of vinegar can reduce bacteria and viruses contained in plants up to 95 percent.

Another way that is safe to consume raw vegetables blansir technique, which is the softening of the material by immersion for a time (5 minutes) at a temperature of boiling water, immediately after spraying with cold water (boiled) to heating does not continue.This method is excellent for cooking cabbage, kale, spinach, green beans, carrots, melon and squash.

Blansir time is largely determined by the texture of fresh material.Therefore blansir should be performed for each vegetable, mixed with each other. Vegetables should diblansir in one piece and the cut is made immediately after the process is complete blansir.

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