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Watch Movies That Make Happy Sad

Watch a sad movie has been found to exert the opposite effect for those looking.Recent research indicates, watching a sad movie actually makes people happier,because it makes them consider their loved ones.

“The tragic story is often centered on the theme of eternal love, this causes the publicto think about their loved ones and remember how lucky they are because they do not have the experience,” said head of study, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, a communications professor at Ohio State University, Columbus.

The study involved 361 college students who watched the short version of the Atonement movie, which tells the story of two lovers separated and died during World War II. Before and after the film, participants answered questions that measured how much they are happy with their lives.

The study results show, the more they watch the film, making the participants think about their loved ones and their level of happiness. But for some participants are selfish, it is not very influential because they think, ”My life is not as bad as thecharacters in the film” - so as not to increase happiness.

“People seem to use a story or a tragic film as a way to reflect the importance of a relationship in their own lives and think how much profit they can,” saidKnobloch-Westerwick.

“These findings may help explain why the film was so popular among the publictragedy, although the cause of sadness for them,” he concluded

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