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When fitted Heart “Ring”

News of the action “operations” carried out the heart of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a few days continued to circulate.Although it was denied by the court, but the audience already intrigued by cardiac catheterization measures recommended by SBY.
Cardiac catheterization or coronary angioplasty full name, followed by percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (transluminal coronary angioplasty Percutaneus) or PCI (Percutaneus coronary intervention) is actually a procedure to dilate the coronary arteries are narrowed or blocked.
Narrowing or blockage in the arteries that can cause a heart attack in addition, will also lead to angina (chest pain) and other diseases of the heart.
Narrowing or blockage of the arteries is actually the result of many years the process of chronic inflammation of the coronary arteries, namely the formation of deposits in the arteries called atherosclerotic plaque. This process initially runs smoothly, no clinical symptoms, so that someone does not feel what’s going on within the walls of blood vessels.
Heart attack or angina is the culmination of a long journey from the formation of plaque. If there is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease such as smoking, obesity, inactivity, or no family history, the development of fatty plaques that evolve more rapidly.
Cardiac own actions according dr.Ari F. Sham, Sp.PD, Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine / RSCM, not surgery. ”The surgery called coronary artery bypass surgery was,” he said in an e-mail
According to him, cardiac catheterization followed by a mounting ring (stent) into the coronary arteries is a routine activity in the major hospitals in Jakarta and other major cities.
“This action is not an operation, inspection and maintenance action does not last long and can be activated. I myself have had cardiac catheterization action several years ago and only one day,” he explained.
After the patient was able to direct action business as usual and there are no restrictions on the activities of moderate or severe.
“Regardless of what really happened to Mr. SBY, I just have some good figures of the world are actively leading the country and have not served have a problem with his heart, as Bill Clinton, who had undergone bypass surgery was Vice President Dick Chenney as the U.S. PTCA had done too, “he added.
The procedure
PTCA or PCI procedures performed by injecting an anesthetic into the base of the arm or groin. Then the doctor a small, flexible tube (catheter) as a guide to the inside of the leg or arm.Assisted image on the monitor, the physician guides the catheter into the blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart.
Moreover, a second smaller catheter with a balloon or stent on a catheter inserted through the first ends. When the tip of the catheter to the blockage in the coronary artery, the balloon reached and then blown to the narrowed portion to expand.
Stent or artery rings mounted in metal tubes made of a fabric of small-that will act as a crutch to keep blood vessels open. It is hoped this could be a permanent dilatation.
Mayo Clinic mentioned in the book overall stent procedure or balonisasi took 30 minutes to two hours.
According to Ari, actually there is no harm if the news about the pain of the world, the figures presented to the public. ”Moreover, the action is successful, confidence in the team of doctors in the country who have committed such acts,” he said.
However, added by him declared or not a person’s health is the right patient and a medical secret to a team of doctors who treat these patients.

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