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Why Bananas Are Good for Slimming?

If any food value in calories and low in fat but high in fiber and vitamins, this course is ideal for weight loss be an option in the program. One of the foods that can represent all these requirements is the banana.

In addition, nutrient dense, bananas also has good taste and can be eaten at any time, either at breakfast, snacks and desserts complement the menu. Bananas have long been known as one of the foods that have a nutrient that can help you lose weight. This fruit contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6 in large quantities, but low calories.
According to Discovery Health and the Federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) Database Agriculture National Nutrient, the average length of a banana with 7 to 8 inches contains about 105 calories.

When linked to the needs around 2,000 calories a day, eat some banana waste to meet the needs of some nutrients and some of the adequacy of their daily calories.

Like most other fruits, bananas do not contain much protein, but also the fat content low. Database USDA report, a large banana has a fat content of less than half a gram.

With an estimate of about 9 calories per gram of fat, you can eat bananas in a day and will not accumulate fat in your body.

Bananas are also rich in fiber so you feel full longer. As a result, you do not eat too much when the next meal and avoid unhealthy snacks. A large banana contains 4 grams of fiber. Bananas can be considered food to meet daily fiber intake of about 25 grams.

Low Glycemic Index

In addition to containing a variety of natural food and packaging is relatively safe, bananas also have a low glycemic index can help you lose weight.
The glycemic index is a ranking of how quickly carbohydrate foods are released into the body. Foods that have carbohydrate, low glycemic index that slowly released into the body.

The low rate could prevent the decrease or increase the levels of blood sugar as a signal that fluctuates in your body. Site banana glycemic index to the Foundation on the glycemic index of 51 – a low value, where the numbers above 70 are considered high, while below 55 are classified as low.

Experts recommend that regularly eat bananas should be treated as part of the lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet, exercise and strength training kardiovakuler training to lose weight effectively. Eat a banana should not be used as primary, but a small part of weight loss program.

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