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10 Reasons You Should Peddling Bikes

Most people agree that regular exercise is necessary. To keep the body healthy, we need to exercise for at least 30 minutes, it is equivalent to walking 10 000 steps or 8 kilometers of bike.

Bicycle transportation is a tool that is used as well as recreational sports media. In addition to healthy sports, cycling, may also retain your sanity. Riding a bike can be enjoyed by everyone with all ages, can also be done anytime and anywhere.

Not only that, following a number of reasons why cycling is necessary for you:

1. Keep your immune system: The immune system serves to protect the body against infections and various forms of sitemik disease. Research shows that levels of activity, like cycling, can strengthen the immune system and contributes to a healthy life. In addition, the immune system can improve the activity against tumors and help prevent diseases associated – with the tumor.

2. Muscles become strong: During cycling, certain muscles of the body is activated. Leg muscles are responsible for bicycle pedal; abdominal and back muscles stabilize the body on the bike and skate influenced ekdternal; system and the muscles of your arms and powerful shoulders supporting the body to hold the handlebars. All training and muscle toning system, which makes the muscles more toned and able to function effectively.

3. Strengthens the skeletal system: Cycling has a positive effect on bone density and strength so that, automatically, the framework has been strengthened. In addition, as noted above, cycling can strengthen muscles, and muscles to protect the skeletal system.

4. Prevent the onset of the pain of the spine and back: the posture when riding very well and the cyclical movement of the feet to stimulate the muscles in your lower back. In this way, the spine is strengthened and protected against external attacks.Another specialty of cycling is that it can stimulate the small muscles of the vertebrae where it is difficult to make other types of exercise. This can help reduce the likelihood of back pain and other problems.

5. Reducing mental stress: Cycling has a large relaxation effect due to movement of the uniform sikliknya can stabilize body functions, both physically and mentally. And able to combat anxiety, depression and other psychological problems. Cycling mempu also controls the hormonal balance.

6. Prevent heart disease and cardiovascular disease: The heart is the organ most important for creating a healthy life, but the heart can be damaged if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Cycling is an ideal form of exercise that the heart is stronger because of the reduced stress on the heart. Besides all the risk factors that cause a heart attack decreases and the bike regularly can reduce the likelihood of heart attack by more than 50 percent.

7. Lower blood pressure: Cycling, moderate levels, can prevent or at least reduce blood pressure to prevent structural damage or organ. Blood pressure also decreases with the decrease in heart rate, and this is the result of a regular bike.

8. Endurance: Cycling is good for aerobic exercise, cycling, offering less stress / pressure than other endurance sports. With endurance increases fatigue and exhaustion can be reduced and may increase feelings of well-being.

9. Easy to do: It is easy for your joints, because cycling is a form of exercise that is not heavy. You can do this at any level of intensity, making cycling a sport suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

10. Protect the Earth: Choosing a bike for your daily use as a means of transport and reduce the movement of motor vehicles will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, the costs of road maintenance, while helping to avoid jams. Cycling for 25 minutes every day, you can save about 165 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

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