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12 Signs Depression in Men

Psychological problems of depression were experienced by many adults. In the United States alone, an estimated 5 million people suffer from depression, while in Indonesia the figure reached 11.6 percent or one million people.
Clinical depression, both men and women, will cause a prolonged feeling of sadness and loss of interest in a particular activity. Even so depressed sometimes cause subtle symptoms and different in every person.
“Although the symptoms can be identified by a depression diagnosis broadly similar, but there are differences in symptoms in male and female patients,” said Ian A. Cook, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.
Here are 12 symptoms of depression, often in males.
1. Fatigue People who are depressed experience a variety of physical and emotional changes. They may experience fatigue, delays in physical movement and speech, or thought processes.The experts also found that men reported suffering from fatigue and physical symptoms of depression than women.
2. Problems or too much sleep
Sleep disturbances, including insomnia, waking up too early, or sleeping too much, is part of the symptoms of depression. ”Some patients sleep 12 hours a day and still feel exhausted. Or is there a waking from sleep every two hours,” said Dr.Cook.
3. Abdominal or back pain
Health problems such as constipation, diarrhea, or even headaches and back pain, often found in people suffering from depression. But they often do not realize that chronic pain is a symptom of mental disorder.
4. Moody
Instead of looking sad, people who are depressed often exhibit irritable behavior. ”When we talk about the emotional component, usually a feeling of sadness to irritability,” says Cook.
5. Difficult to concentrate
Psychomotor deterioration could a man is able to process information is reduced. This is certainly interfere with concentration and work. According to Josh Klapow, clinical psychologist, depression is slower and we are constantly thinking negatively so difficult to concentrate on one thing.
6. Hostility
Some men are depressed, angry attitude, aggression, or hostility, is real. ”The man who realizes that something must compensate by showing that they are still strong and capable,” he said.
7. Voltage
Research shows stress in the long run will lead to changes both in the body or brains, so that it can cause depression. In other words, perceived stress, an indicator of depression.
8. Care
Symptoms of anxiety are more common in women, but men often experience depression. In fact, it is easier for them to express concern than sad.
9. Addiction
Addicted to certain substances, especially alcohol, many men who have depression. ”It can occur in men and women. But the use of drugs or alcohol to mask his feelings is a strategy widely used man,” said Cook.
10. Sexual dysfunction
Depression is a common reason for the decrease in libido or erectile dysfunction.
11. Wavering
Reasonable if one day we feel reluctant to make decisions. But depression is our ability to decide to slow. Unfortunately, these symptoms are often not aware of.
12. Thoughts of suicide
Women are often thought of suicide, but men are four times more successful at the decision to commit suicide. The reason is without doubt while men tend to bear arms, including hurting themselves. The doctors, the group of older men at greatest risk of committing suicide.

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