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3 eggs a week, Trigger Prostate Cancer?

In an egg there is a variety of essential nutrients from proteins,vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fats. But a recent studysays, eating three eggs a week can significantly increase the riskof a man dying of prostate cancer.

The researchers found that men who consumed more than 2.5eggs per week to develop prostate cancer risk by 81 percent.

According to them the damage caused by a large number of content of cholesterol or choline (a nutrient that helps cells to function properly), which is found in eggs. The findings are basedon observations made ​​by a team of researchers at the HarvardSchool of Public Health, Boston, who studied the eating habits of27,000 people over 14 years.

The study found no significant relationship between the amount of meat consumed by tumor risk. But the high number of deaths fromcancer is found in precisely those who argue that many eggs to consume.

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