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3P Recognize Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus has become a pandemic that is growing rapidly.The disease is estimated to cause four million deaths a year, almost equal to death from HIV / AIDS. Data from 2000 indicate diabetes mellitus affects 8.4 million people and will grow to 21.3 million in 2030.

Most diabetics (diabetes) diagnosed in advanced stage. In fact, according to Dr. Budiman Darmowidjojo, SAT, the situation has been further complications in the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels or nerves. ”The danger of this disease is not just a sugar in the blood, but its complications,” he said.
If diabetes can be diagnosed early, the ability to control blood sugar would be better for the complications can be avoided. The detection of diabetes, a major, indeed the results of blood sugar.The levels of sugar in the blood by a fast review after more than 126 and controls blood sugar at any time above 200 is called diabetes.

In addition to laboratory tests, according to Dr. Budiman, there are three classic symptoms of diabetes is also known as 3P, namely:

1. Polyuria or frequent urination, with great volume, especially at night. Why? If the levels of sugar in the blood exceeds the threshold value of renal or 180 mg / dl, sugar will come out with urine. To prevent urine leaves, which contain sugar, not too thick, the body will make the water as possible in the urine so that the volume of urine coming out a lot and became frequent urination. Very often so that at night can disrupt sleep.

2. Polydipsia or feel thirsty and want to drink as much as possible.With both urine leaves the body lack of water or dehydration. To overcome this, there arose a thirst for what people always want to drink and want a fresher, sweet, fresh, y. Sugary drinks will be very detrimental because it reduces blood sugar levels higher.

3. Polyphagia or increased appetite and lack of energy. In diabetes due to insulin problems, inclusion of sugar in the body’s cells, so that less energy is even less clear. That’s why people become flaccid. Thus, the brain is believed that less energy is due to lack of food. Therefore, the body is trying to increase the intake of foods that cause hunger to timbulah always wanted to eat.

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