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5 Factors that Make Sex More Passionate

Sexual position is not the only factor that makes sex more passionate. According to the findings of the gender of the Trojan U. S. Census, most prefer the missionary position. But sexual position is not the only determinant of passionate sex. Several other factors also determine sexual gratification.

1. Geography
Research in the United States is the data available, Americans have sex about 120 times a year. The same study states, 63 percent of respondents said that still want more sex.

However, the fact of geographical factors also affect the frequency of sex in America. If you want more frequent sex, living in the Northeastern United States more likely. People who live in this region have sex more often, about 130 times a year. They are also more likely to use condoms during sex. While those who live in the south have sex less often, on average 114 times a year.

2. Healthy relationships
Couples that healthy relationships, keeping appointments, building a more positive households who were sexual gratification. Although the frequency of sex is not too often, but, if they feel more satisfied with their sex lives.

3. Place
Sexual intercourse is not only to do in bed. Location can also affect sex. Research in the United States, 48 ​​percent said more passionate sex in the car. While 33 percent said passionately in making love on a bed of others, such as the home of a friend.

The more unusual the location, the higher the sexual arousal. No less than 33 percent of the men gave to imagine having sex on the plane. While 26 percent of women want love in a place on the beach or the sea.

4. Gender differences
Findings also called Trojan, 83 percent of men tend to want to experiment with sex, and only 65 percent of women who want the same thing.

Men want to discuss sex with Facebook or Twitter, about 15 percent. While only six percent of women who want to talk about sex through social media.

5. Sexting
Excite chat on the phone or send messages through the communications department in fact too much to excite. In general, 19 percent of Americans, as if Sexting.

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