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5 Muscle Men, Women Preferred

Women like men muscled in the abdomen. But his stomachberbuku six is ​​not the only part that leering. Every woman can have the muscle to be his favorite, but 10 parts of this muscle is often seen in men.

abdominal muscles
Tall and strong can be the first thing seen from the physical man, but if your stomach like a lot of fat so far diminished its appeal.Women, being young was not the muscular form of 10 years.

A muscular forearm may be perceived as a strong man can do anything, even small repair jobs at home.

Women also looked at the buttocks of a man to know the physical levels of human activity. If fit and love sports, usually the buttocks will be tall and narrow. Conversely, if they are sedentaryand lazy, buttocks seemed loose and fell.

Solid shoulder
Shoulder is where women depend on men. Regular exercise will make it look solid and overall physical appearance more masculine.

the biceps
In a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan magazine revealed 1 in 5 U.S. women recognize that the biceps muscle men adds a plus for the men she knew.

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