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6 Conditions to Reduce Women’s Libido

Like the routine is done every day, sex can also lead to boredom, even in women. Should not be ignored because it can create marital happiness is threatened.

For women, low libido is a complex issue and is influenced by many factors. It’s no secret that a woman’s mood to like are influenced by mood. If his heart was troubled, her confidence was low, an attempt to ignite a passion for the game useless.

The good news is if you have the ability to cause things to change into a big deal. The following are some of the most common factors that may unwittingly reduce your sex drive:

Stress can be said that one killer of libido in women. When the stress, the body produces a hormone called cortisol.Unfortunately, cortisol also affects levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body that affects libido.

Solution: Turn off and all the bad thoughts that meets the head.When you return, stop thinking about tengat unfinished work and focus on yourself. Take the time to rest your mind refreshed.

Angry with a partner, many women who struggle with reduced sexual desire without thinking to problems that are still stuck with a partner to solve. Slightest resentment in couples accumulate and become a major disaster in the relationship.

Solution: You may have heard to preserve a relationship requires effort. The problem right now, who would want to try harder to love, romance and sex into account. Start by opening the valve of communication and give each the attention like the days of courtship approach.

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, many people who think that drinking alcohol can evoke mood to make love. In fact, alcohol can kill sex drive, your senses and reactions. Illegal drugs have the same effect with alcohol. Drugs not only hurt the libido, but also cause problems in sexual performance. For example, marijuana and opium cause vaginal dryness, making sex uncomfortable and painful. Lack of sleep

Long hours, heavy traffic and other daily routines can drain energy and emotion. No wonder so many people affected by chronic fatigue that did not want anything, including sex, then do the rest. Babies and children

The presence of the baby is the most beautiful thing in a new family. But they can also interfere with your sexual needs and partner. Generally, couples who already have children it is difficult to time and privacy to be intimate.

In addition, childbirth and breastfeeding is a barrier for you to find the sex drive. Birth causes the pelvic nerves and muscles are stretched, causing the sensitivity.

While breast-feeding will lower estrogen levels and cause penetration of the vagina dry and painful. However, you can still maintain a relationship with a warm and loving to talk and cuddle with your partner. Drugs

Many drugs that contribute to better health and make you feel better. But the bad consequences, the consumption of some specific drugs to eliminate your desire to have sex.

Some drugs that are usually associated with loss of libido among other antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines, sedatives, chemotherapy, HIV medication and pain medication or refinery called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

However, you never decide to stop this medication without consulting your doctor. Talk to your doctor for an alternative drug that does not affect your sex drive to take.

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