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7 Ways to Little Immune Disease

A child is born with a strong immune system so that there should be efforts to strengthen it. Once inside the mother’s womb, a baby is very protected. However, when he came into the world, will be exposed to various types of bacteria and viruses. This is because children are subject to various diseases.

During their growth, if given the proper intake of food, the immune system continues to strengthen. Strictly limit or overly protective of the children was not good because it will only hinder the development of immunity.

However, there are also things that must be kept and maintained during their growth and development. Because, otherwise, the child will become so weakened immune susceptible to disease.
Below are steps that parents can do to strengthen the immune system of children.

1. Make sure that the breast-fed
Been shown by researchers that breast milk may increase the child’s immune system. Not only that, breast milk also has other functions, such as reducing the risk of child obesity, also increase the bond between mother and son. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, mothers should breastfeed their children for a year. If it is not possible, mothers should breastfeed at least during the first six or three months of child’s age.

2. Fresh food
It ‘important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially for children. Eating fresh food, the immune system will increase.There are many types of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Therefore, even the daily diet of fruits in the list, instead of cookies and chips for your child.

3. Avoid fast food and processed
Of course children love these two foods, but this does not mean that the food is healthy for them. Because, in it there is a variety of addictive chemicals and substances that can damage the immune system. Therefore, parents are encouraged to cultivate healthy eating habits for their children at home.

4. Sport
Sport is a surefire way to improve the immune system for children. Do not let the kids just watch TV whenever I’m home.Encourage them to play, do sports. In this way, but they can add to the closeness of your family, your immune system increases.

5. Personal hygiene

Cultivating healthy habits for your child to maintain personal hygiene by washing hands with soap after leaving the bathroom or before eating. Another thing parents should do is replace the toothbrush to his children as often as possible. Toothbrush is one of the carriers of germs and hygiene management requires. The use of toothbrushes at the same time should also be avoided.

6. Reducing antibiotic
Becomes a common thing, if the parents often ask doctors to prescribe drugs (antibiotics) for their child at the time a cold sore, sore throat or flu. In fact, these diseases requires only some mild medications or natural remedies. Doctors say the flu and many other childhood diseases caused by viruses, not bacteria. Therefore, whenever the sick, the children do not always need to be treated with antibiotics. The use of antibiotics, which often weaken the immune system of children.

7. Enough sleep
Children need more sleep than adults to keep them healthy. If lack of sleep can degrade the performance and immune system of adults, it makes sense if the children had tried, perhaps even worse. According to experts, preschool children need 10 hours sleep, children 12-13 hours, and the child is 18 hours. Therefore, parents should make sure their children still get the number of hours of sleep.

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