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7 Ways to Little Immune Diseases

A child is born with a strong immune system so it requires no effort to strengthen it. While in the womb, a baby is protected. However, when born into the world, it will be exposed to a wide range of bacteria and viruses. This is why babies are exposed to various diseases.

Growing up, if given the proper food intake, the immune system will continue to strengthen. Strictly limiting or too protective of their children is not good because it will hamper the development of immunity.

However, there are things that must be kept and maintained during their growth and development. Because otherwise a weakened immune system so that their children will be susceptible to the disease.

Here are the steps that parents can do to strengthen the immune system in children.

1. Make sure that the breastfed
Been proven by researchers that breast milk can increase the baby’s immune system. Not only that, breast milk also has other features, such as reducing the risk of childhood obesity, also increase the bond between mother and child. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, mothers should breastfeed their babies for a year. If it is not possible, mothers should breast feed for at least six or three months of age infants.

2. Fresh food
It is important that eating fruits and vegetables, especially for children. By eating fresh food, the immune system will increase.Many types of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Therefore, also the daily diet of fruit in the list instead of cookies and crackers for your child.

3. Avoid fast foods and processed
Of course, kids love these two types of food, but that does not mean that the food is healthy for them. Because, in which there are a variety of addictive substances and chemicals which can harm the immune system. Therefore, parents are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits for their children at home.

4. Sport
Sport is a surefire way to improve the immune system for children.Do not allow children to simply watch TV whenever they are at home. Encourage them to play, play sports. In this way, but they can add to the proximity of your family, increases the immune system.

5. Personal hygiene
Cultivate healthy habits to your child by maintaining personal hygiene by washing hands with soap after leaving the bathroom or before eating. Another thing that parents need to do is change toothbrushes for children as often as possible. Brush your teeth is one of the carriers of germs and hygiene necessary. The simultaneous use of a toothbrush should also be avoided.

6. Reduce antibiotic
Become common if the parents often ask doctors to prescribe drugs (antibiotics) for their children at the onset of colds, sore throats, or flu. In fact, these diseases requires only a few natural remedies or medications sweet. Doctors argue that diseases of the flu and many other childhood caused by viruses, not bacteria.Therefore, whenever the sick, children do not always need to receive antibiotics. The use of antibiotics is often weaken the immune system of children.

7. Enough sleep
Children need more sleep than adults to keep them healthy. If lack of sleep can degrade performance and the immune system of adults, it is logical that the children suffered, perhaps even worse.According to experts, preschoolers need 10 hours to sleep, toddlers 12-13 hours, and the baby is 18 hours. Therefore, parents must ensure that children always get the number of hours of sleep.

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