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7 Ways to Relieve Pain Without Medication

Pain is a symptom often experienced by anyone. You do not need to panic because the cause of pain can not be something dangerous. Form of pain can vary, can be attacked in different places and represent a variety of health problems.

Here are some ways meradakan and eliminate pain. This method is an alternative that can be done if you do not want to take medication for pain:

1. Fill your need for vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency could be the cause of chronic muscle pain.Fish and Morning Sun is the main source of this vitamin. The average person needs about 200 IU of vitamin D a day, but for those 50 to 70 years increased the need for vitamin D 400 IU per day. For those who have tread the age of 70, needs vitamin D to 500 IU.

A study at the University of Minnesota found that 93 percent of total respondents who experienced a musculoskeletal pain nonspecific suffer from a lack of vitamin D. Supplementation of vitamin D in patients able to relieve muscle pain that arises. The study investigators also found that those with non-specific musculoskeletal pain, continuously need to be screened for vitamin D deficiency

2. Inhaling the aroma of green apples
Research conducted smell and taste of treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, United States, to educate the participants – who at the same time be migraine pain – to sniff the test tube containing the odor of a green apple. The results showed that the condition of those who inhale the scent of green apple is improved compared to those who do not inhale the scent of green apples.The researchers speculate, given by the smell of green apple is able to compensate for the muscle contractions that occur in the head and neck, providing a sense of relief in the head. In previous studies, the smell of green apples are judged against anxiety.

3. Meditate
The effectiveness of meditation to relieve pain without the side effects were revealed in several studies. The experts in this field think, meditate for an hour can help relieve pain. Research also shows that meditation can improve brain activity in areas such as the anterior cingulate cortex, anterior insula, and orbitofrontal cortex. These three areas are part of the brain responsible for mapping different forms of pain received by the brain from nerve signals in various parts of the body.

4. Balneotherapy
Balneotherapy is not something that is foreign because it has been practiced since antiquity. The term “spa” comes from the word “balneum” Latin for bath. The spa is a kind of spa, where treatment is done using a bath of mineral water or hot water. Mineral water, which is used is made of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts, is capable of flexing of muscles. Both magnesium and sulfate, a mineral that is easily absorbed through the skin, and studies have shown that the amount of magnesium in the body will increase after a shower using plenty of water containing Epsom salt. In addition, the therapy may also increase blood circulation and relieve inflammation.

5. Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic therapy is a method of minimal risk that the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic (treatment). This therapy can stimulate the healing process and affect the quality of sleep in a positive way. Researchers at the University of Virginia have shown that the magnetic field strength is being able to help reduce swelling if applied immediately after injury. The swelling is mainly caused by the dilation of blood vessels and the magnets are believed capable of restricting blood flow to the injured area.

6. Chromatherapy
Color therapy is a kind of other natural therapies that relieve pain effectively using color. Those who believe and support the chromo argues that the origins of various diseases or health problems can be mapped by looking at the lack of a specific color in the system of the human body. The way it works is to issue a color on the body to help fight against health imbalances, and the color blue is supposed to be able to perform a new, relaxed, and soothing and can be used to relieve pain .

7. Breathing techniques
Relaxation by drawing deep breaths can help relieve headaches, back pain, joint pain and pain caused by cancer yagna. Breathing techniques can be used to relieve the mind, so that the stiffness can be reduced, this can occur by considering the relationship between body and mind. This technique is capable of incorporating elements such as body awareness, breathing, movement and meditation in a stream. Even more encouraging, in addition to easy and can be done anywhere, this therapy is free.

The trick breathing for a number of four, try to fill your lungs with air from the bottom up by pushing the belly, then followed until it reaches the bottom of the rib cage and finally ensure that your trunk is full of witchcraft air for three seconds, then exhale. Breathing can distract you from pain.

Some pains come and go, and some tend not to go. If this happens (the pain will not go away), this means that you need to get treatment against pain.

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